ORDER - CENTRAL PLATTE NATURAL RESOURCES DISTRICT - GRAND ISLAND, NEBRASKA In the matter of Groundwater Management within the Central Platte Natural Resources District: This matter came on for consideration by the Board of Directors in conjunction with a public hearing that was held on January 28, 2021, at the Central Platte Natural Resources District office in Grand Island, Nebraska. The NRD has implemented a Groundwater Management Program, which includes certain rules and regulations that are in accordance with the Nebraska State Statutes, to manage and improve groundwater supply within the NRD. Changes to the District's Rules and Regulations: Add a section to the Central Platte Natural Resources District's Ground Water Management Program Rules and Regulations titled Section B-Rule 8: 30-Year Acreage Reserve Program-Participation Eligibility and Rules. The 30-Year Acreage Reserve Program will provide a long-term solution in protecting surface water rights. Irrigation districts will sign up for the conservation program and surface water users will have the option to opt-in or opt-out of the program annually. The Program was developed to ensure that supplies in the Platte Basin are optimized and managed efficiently with maximum benefits and to meet water management obligations for the Basin-Wide Plan for Joint Integrated Water Resources Management of Over-Appropriated Portions of the Platte River Basin, CPNRD's Integrated Management Plan, and Nebraska's New Depletion Plan for the Platte River Recovery Implementation Program. IT IS HEREBY ORDERED: That the above Rules and Regulations be implemented. The complete texts of the Central Platte NRD's Groundwater Management Plan and the Rules and Regulations for the Implementation of the Nebraska Groundwater Management and Protection Act, including the revisions hereby ordered, are available for inspection at the Central Platte NRD office during normal weekday working hours. The effective date of the changes specified herein shall be March 4, 2021. Order issued January 28, 2021 By Central Platte Natural Resources District Mick Reynolds, Chairman 2-9-16


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