ADVERTISEMENT FOR PROPOSALS FOR Architectural Services � Design of HVAC FOR THE CITY OF GRAND ISLAND PUBLIC LIBRARY EDITH ABBOTT MEMORIAL LIBRARY 1124 WEST 2Nd STREET GRAND ISLAND, NEBRASKA, 68801 Proposals will be received by the City Clerk, 100 East First Street, Grand Island, NE 68801 or PO Box 1968, Grand Island, NE 68802-1968 until 4:00 P.M. (local time) on Wednesday, March 31, 2021, for furnishing architectural and engineering services for design and installation of HVAC system for a portion of the Grand Island Public Library. Proposals received after the specified time will be returned unopened to sender. Proposals must be based on the City�s Request for Proposals. Appointments for site inspections or to answer any questions on the RFP can be arranged by contacting Grand Island Public Library Director Celine Swan at (308)385-5333 x101 or The specifications and any addenda, may be viewed on-line at under Business-Bid Calendar. Documents for use in preparing the Proposal may be downloaded from the Quest CDN website, for a thirty-dollar ($30) fee. Proposals shall be marked �PROPOSAL FOR GRAND ISLAND PUBLIC LIBRARY ARCHITECTURAL SERVICES�. All Proposals must be signed and dated in order to be accepted. The original Proposal and three (3) additional complete copies (4 total) shall be submitted for evaluation purposes. If Proposals are being submitted online via QuestCDN, the submitter is NOT required to submit hard copies. Proposals not containing the correct number of copies will not be considered. The successful Proposal will be required to comply with fair labor standards as required by Nebraska R.R.S. 73-102 and comply with Nebraska R.R.S 48-65y pertaining to contributions to the Unemployment Compensation Fund of the State of Nebraska. Successful Proposers shall maintain a drug free workplace policy. Every public contractor and his, her or its subcontractors who are awarded a contract by the City for the physical performance of services within the State of Nebraska shall register with and use a federal immigration verification system to determine the work eligibility status of new employees physically performing services within the State of Nebraska. Proposals will be evaluated based upon Architect�s and Engineer�s ability, capacity, price, schedule, quality, economy, and efficiency of operation and experience and reputation of the firm to perform the project required. Proposals shall remain firm for a period of sixty (60) days after Proposal due date. The City Of Grand Island reserves the right to refuse any or all Proposals, to waive technicalities, and to accept whichever Proposal that may be in the best interest of the City, at its sole discretion. RaNae Edwards, City Clerk 10


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