CENTRAL COMMUNITY COLLEGE - GRAND ISLAND ROOF REPLACEMENT INSTRUCTIONS TO BIDDERS INVITATION 1.01 BID SUBMISSION A. Bids signed and under seal, executed, dated, and submitted for the furnishing of all labor, materials, and equipment for the Central Community College - Grand Island, Roof Replacement prior to: 1. Date: May 5, 2021. 2. Time: 2:00 p.m. 3. Place: Central Community College, Grand Island, College Administration, Board Room 80. 4. Location: 3134 West Highway 34, Grand Island, Nebraska 68802. B. Offers will be opened publicly immediately after the time for receipt of bids. The Owner will consider the bids received for the furnishing of said labor, materials and equipment necessary for the proper construction of the aforesaid project. C. The General, Mechanical and Electrical, will be under one Bid. All subcontractor quotations shall be sent to the General Contractor. D. Bid Security is required to be submitted with bid proposal form. Make payable to Central Community College in the amount of 5% of the Lump Sum Bid Amount. Bid Security shall be of cashiers check, certified check, or Bid Bond issued by a Surety licensed to conduct business in the State of Nebraska. Form of Bid Bond is AIA Document A310. Any agent signing a bid bond on behalf of the Surety must attach a Power of Attorney effectively evidencing the agent's authority to bind the Surety to the performance of the Bid Bond. E. Performance Bond: The Contractor shall be required to furnish acceptable bonds to complete the work and pay for all labor and materials used, said bonds to be in the amount of 100% of total amount of the Contract. See Document A701, Instructions to Bidders. F. Taxes: The Contractor by virtue of his contract with Central Community College, becomes a purchasing agent for the Owner on their behalf and under Statute 77-2702 does not pay sales tax. G. Insurance: Prior to the start of the work, completed copies of the Certificate of Insurance, AIA Document G705 shall be submitted to the Owner and Architect. H. There is no Pre-Bid Conference schedule. Contact Rob Briseno, Facilities Manager Grand Island Campus, email:; phone: 308-398-7450, to schedule a visit and view existing conditions. 1.02 PROJECT SUMMARY A. Project Name: Central Community College - Grand Island, Roof Replacement B. Project Address: 3134 West Highway 34, Grand Island, Nebraska 68802. C. Owner's Name: Central Community College D. Architect's Name: Wilkins Architecture Design Planning, L.L.C.. E. The Contract Documents, dated April 14, 2021 prepared for the project by Wilkins Architecture Design Planning, L.L.C. F. The work consists of replacing the low-slope roof with EPDM single-ply roofing membrane with additional polyisocyanurate insulation layers. Project also includes coordination of existing RTU and ductwork, all associated flashing and perimeter cap flashing. 1.03 CONTRACT DESCRIPTION A. Contract Type: A single prime contract based on a Stipulated Price as described in Document 00 5200 - Agreement Form. B. Project will be constructed under one general construction contract. 1.04 OWNER OCCUPANCY A. Owner intends to occupy the Project upon Substantial Completion. B. Schedule the Work to accommodate Owner occupancy. 1.05 CONTRACT TIME A. The bidder, in submitting an offer, accepts the Contract Time period stated for performing the Work. The completion date in the Agreement shall be the Contract Time added to the commencement date. 1.06 WORK SEQUENCE A. ALL WORK MUST BE COMPLETED WITHIN THE SCHEDULE NOTED. The Work shall be conducted in a single phase as described in the schedule below: B. May 5, 2021: Bids received from General Contractors at 2:00 p.m. TBD: Contractors interviews in CCC Board Room. May 20, 2021: Contractor recommendation presented to Board of Governors. May 24, 2021: Contract awarded: Start Digital Document Submittal Service (ORACLE, Submittal Exchange) and Administrative Requirements. June 1, 2021: Construction Starts July 9, 2021: Substantial Completion. July 16, 2021: Final Completion. BID DOCUMENTS AND CONTRACT DOCUMENTS 2.01 DEFINITIONS A. Bid Documents: Contract Documents including Project Manual, Construction Drawings and all issued Addendums. 2.02 AVAILABILITY A. Bid Documents may be obtained from the following location: 1. Standard Digital Imaging, 4424 S 108th St, Omaha, NE 68137 (402) 592-1292. B. Bid Document Information can be obtained online from the following location: 1. Standard Digital Imaging | Standard Share; The following information can be obtained and viewed: a. Instructions to Bidders b. Bid Form c. Specifications Table of Contents d. Section 01 1000 Summary e. Addendums f. Construction Drawing Images IMAGES ARE NOT FOR BIDDING - FOR REFERENCE ONLY IN ORDERING C. A deposit in the amount of $50.00 (made payable to Wilkins Architecture Design Planning, L.L.C.) will be required for each set of bidding documents. If shipping is required there is a non-refundable amount determined and made payable to Standard Digital Imaging These checks are to be sent to Standard Digital Imaging prior to receipt of documents. The deposit will be returned in full only if a qualified bid is submitted and the Bid Documents are returned within fifteen (15) days of the bid determination, or if the Contractor decides not to submit a Proposal and the Bid Documents are returned with seven (7) days prior to the bid opening. D. ALL BID DOCUMENTS SHALL BE RETURNED to the office of Wilkins Architecture Design Planning, L.L.C., 2908 West 39th Street, Suite A, Kearney, Nebraska, 68845. 2.03 EXAMINATION A. Bid Documents may be examined at: Lincoln Builders Bureau, 5910 S. 58th Suite #C, Lincoln, NE 68516. Omaha Builders Exchange, 4255 S 94th St., Omaha, NE 68127. Columbus Area Chamber of Commerce, 753 33rd Ave., Columbus, NE 68602-0515. Hastings Builders Bureau, 301 South Burlington, Hastings, NE 68902. Builders Plan Service, 309 West 2nd, Grand Island, NE 68801. Reed Construction Data, 30 Technology Drive So. Suite 500, Norcross, GA 30092. Kearney Plan Service, 1007 2nd Avenue, Kearney, NE 68847. Standard Digital Imaging/StandardShare - Construction Industry Center - iSqFt - Dodge Data & Analytics (Electronic Plan Room), 3315 Central Ave, Hot Springs, AR 71913 800-393-6343 - B. Upon receipt of Bid Documents verify that documents are complete. Notify Architect should the documents be incomplete. C. Immediately notify Architect upon finding discrepancies or omissions in the Bid Documents. 2.04 PRODUCT/ASSEMBLY/SYSTEM SUBSTITUTIONS A. No technical questions will be answered by the Architect's /Engineer's office(s) during the twenty-four (24) hours immediately preceding the bid opening time and date. B. All products and manufacturers shall be as specified in the bid documents. Any requested changes in products or manufacturers shall be submitted to the Architect seven days prior to the bid date. Requested changes that have been approved will be included in an addendum. Any requested changes not included in an addendum are to be considered as not approved. The Owner reserves the right to negotiate any proposed Voluntary Alternates only with the apparent low bidder with selection based on the Base Bid and selected Alternate(s). C. The Architect does not intend to issue any addenda to the bidding documents within three (3) working days of the bid opening time and date. SITE ASSESSMENT 3.01 SITE EXAMINATION A. All Bidders are required to make a careful, close examination of the entire building areas before submitting a bid. See 01 1000 Summary for the schedule. 1.4 CONTRACTOR USE OF SITE AND PREMISES A. Arrange use of site and premises to allow: 1. Owner occupancy. 2. Use of site and premises by the public. B. Provide access to and from site as required by law and by Owner: 1. Emergency Building Exits During Construction: Keep all exits required by code open during construction period; provide temporary exit signs if exit routes are temporarily altered. 2. Do not obstruct roadways, sidewalks, or other public ways without permit. C. Utility Outages and Shutdown: 1. Limit disruption of utility services to hours the building is unoccupied. 2. Do not disrupt or shut down life safety systems, including but not limited to fire sprinklers and fire alarm system, without 7 days notice to Owner and authorities having jurisdiction. 3. Prevent accidental disruption of utility services to other facilities. OFFER ACCEPTANCE/ REJECTION 4.01 DURATION OF OFFER A. Bids shall remain open to acceptance and shall be irrevocable for a period of forty-five (45) days after the bid closing date. 4.02 ACCEPTANCE OF OFFER A. The Owner and Contractor shall have the right to reject any or all bids, which are in any way incomplete or irregular, and to waive any informality in any proposal. 21-23-27-29


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