OFFICIAL PROCEEDINGS CITY OF GRAND ISLAND, NEBRASKA MINUTES OF CITY COUNCIL REGULAR MEETING May 11, 2021 Pursuant to due call and notice thereof, a Regular Meeting of the City Council of the City of Grand Island, Nebraska was conducted in the Council Chambers of City Hall, 100 East First Street, on May 11, 2021. Notice of the meeting was given in The Grand Island Independent on May 5, 2021. Mayor Roger G. Steele called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. The following City Council members were present: Fitzke, Guzinski, Nickerson, Haase, Minton, Scott, Mendoza, Conley, Paulick and Stelk. The following City Officials were present: City Administrator Janulewicz, Deputy City Clerk Granere, Finance Director Brown, Interim City Attorney Nonhof and Public Works Director Collins. PUBLIC HEARINGS: Public Hearing on Request from Casey's Retail Company dba Casey's General Store 2883, 1420 South Locust Street for a Class "D" Liquor License. Staff recommended approval. No public testimony was heard. Public Hearing on Request from D & A Investments, LLC for a Conditional Use Permit to Allow for an Assisted Living/Memory Care Facility of Property located at 2904 West 5th Street. Staff recommended approval. No public testimony was heard. Public Hearing on Industrial Development Revenue Bonds - Tabitha Grand Island Project. Staff recommend approval. No public testimony was heard. ORDINANCE APPROVED: #9823 - Consideration of Approving Street Name Change to Shady Bend Spur. CONSENT AGENDA ARRPOVED: Approving Minutes of April 27, 2021 City Council Regular Meeting. Approving Request from Angela Coffey, 12205 West Bluff Road, Malcolm, Nebraska for Liquor Manager Designation with GNS Corporation dba Git N Split, 3320 Langenheder Street. #2021-106 - Approving Request from Casey's Retail Company dba Casey's General Store 2883, 1420 South Locust Street for a Class "D" Liquor License and Liquor Manager Designation for Tina Stone, 1212 Blue Stem Circle, Norfolk, Nebraska. #2021-107 - Approving Bid Award - Burdick Station Asbestos Abatement with McGill Asbestos Abatement, LLC, of Omaha, Nebraska. #2021-108 - Approving Bid Award - Air Heater Replacement Parts with Arvos Ljungstrom, LLC, of Wellsville, New York. #2021-109 - Approving Purchase of Two (2) New ' Ton, Four-Wheel Drive, Extended Cab Pick-ups for the Streets Division of the Public Works Department with Husker Auto Group, of Lincoln, Nebraska. #2021-110 - Approving Bid Award for Annual Supply of Road Deicing Salt 2021-2022 with Blackstrap, Inc. of Neligh, Nebraska and NSG Logistics, LLC dba Nebraska Salt & Grain of Gothenburg, Nebraska. #2021-111 - Approving Interlocal Agreement for a Regional Government Enterprise Agreement with ESRI between Hall County and the City of Grand Island. REQUESTS AND REFERRALS APPROVED: Consideration of Approving Request from D & A Investments, LLC for a Conditional Use Permit to Allow for an Assisted Living/Memory Care Facility of Property located at 2904 West 5th Street. Consideration of Forwarding a Study for Blighted and Substandard Area #32 to the Regional Planning Commission. RESOLUTION APPROVED: #2021-112 - Consideration of Approving Industrial Development Revenue Bonds - Tabitha Grand Island Project. PAYMENT OF CLAIMS: Unanimously approved the payment of claims for the period of April 28, 2021 through May 11, 2021 for a total amount of $3,341,495.19. ADJOURNMENT: The meeting was adjourned at 7:28 p.m. Jill Granere Deputy City Clerk ACOEM USA INC, SE, 1,021.89 AIRGAS INC, SU, 4,389.61 ALTEC INDUSTRIES INC, SE, 730.31 AMERICAN TEST CENTER INC, SE, 7,257.00 APX INC, MI , 372.52 ASSOCIATED STAFFING, SE, 752.40 AUDRA LEICHLEITER, SE, 140.00 AURORA COOPERATIVE ELEVATOR COMPANY, SU, 21,338.50 AUTOMATIONDIRECT.COM INC, MI, 75.25 BEARING DISTRIBUTORS INC, SU, 823.50 BKD LLP, SE, 8,880.00 BLACKBURN MFG CO, SU, 119.98 BLESSING LLC, CON, 16,393.95 BOKF NATIONAL ASSOCIATION, MI, 237,485.42 BORDER STATES INDUSTRIES INC, SU, 39,367.12 BOSSELMAN ENERGY INC, SU, 29.00 BRUHA PLUMBING & SPRINKLER INC, SE, 120.00 BUCK SALES INC, SU, 685.05 C & C POWERWASH & DETAIL, SE, 1,122.00 CAPITAL BUSINESS SYSTEMS, INC, SU, 55.98 CARDINAL TOOL & DIE INC, SE, 591.25 CAREY'S LAWNSCAPE INC, SU, 386.00 CBS REPORTING SERVICES, SE, 10.00 CC JANITORIAL SERVICES INC, SE, 1,598.16 CENTRAL NE DRUG & SAFE STREETS TASK FORCE, SE, 2,350.00 CENTRAL NE HUMANE SOCIETY INC, MI, 32,375.00 CENTRAL STATES GROUP, SU, 10,673.06 CENTURYLINK INC, SE, 458.72 CHARTER COMMUNICATIONS, SE, 8.48 CHARTER COMMUNICATIONS, SE, 27.16 CHARTER COMMUNICATIONS, SE, 1,088.00 CHASE PAYMENTECH LLC, SE, 83.88 CINTAS CORP, SU, 413.76 CITY OF GRAND ISLAND, SE, 48.66 CITY OF GRAND ISLAND-BID's, MI, 3,500.00 CITY OF GRAND ISLAND- TREASURER, SE, 24,487.63 CITY OF GRAND ISLAND- UTILITIES, SE, 2,364.22 CITY OF GRAND ISLAND- UTILITIES, SE, 2,876.90 CITY OF GRAND ISLAND- UTILITIES, SE, 169,349.01 CONNECTYOURCARE LLC, IN, 818.40 CONSOLIDATED WATER SOLUTIONS INC, SU, 14,839.20 CONVAL INC, SU, 4,577.96 CREDIT MANAGEMENT SERVICES INC, SE, 5,377.00 CRESCENT ELECTRIC SUPPLY CO, SU, 1,722.56 D & A TRENCHING, SE, 25,143.00 DELTA DENTAL OF NEBRASKA, IN, 3,290.32 DELTA DENTAL OF NEBRASKA, IN, 3,815.48 DEZURIK INC, MI, 1,419.00 DIAMOND ENGINEERING CO, CON, 157,643.52 DOUGLAS COUNTY NEBRASKA, SE, 50.00 DPC INDUSTRIES INC, SU, 1,144.00 DXP ENTERPRISES INC, SU, 325.08 EBSCO, MI, 549.84 EMPACT ANALYTICAL SYSTEMS INC, SE, 600.00 ENTECH PEST MANAGEMENT INC, SE, 333.25 ENVIRONMENTAL OPERATING SOLUTIONS INC, MI, 11,490.00 ESSENTIAL PERSONNEL INC, SE, 615.98 FATTMERCHANT INC, MI, 99.00 FATTMERCHANT INC, MI, 183.43 FATTMERCHANT INC, MI, 738.60 FELSBURG, HOLT & ULLEVIG, SE, 472.50 FIA CARD SERVICES, NATIONAL ASSOCIATION, SU, 237,848.49 FIBER INSTRUMENT SALES INC, SU, 1,459.58 FREIGHTQUOTE.COM, SE, 2,000.00 GALVAN CONSTRUCTION INC, SE, 1,585.20 GDS ASSOCIATES INC, MI, 2,490.00 GEMINI GROUP LLC, MI, 4,665.48 GENERAL COLLECTION CO INC, SE, 12.49 GOVT PORTAL, SE, 1,686.83 GRANICUS LLC, SU, 1,820.00 GRAYBAR ELECTRIC COMPANY INC, SU, 21,001.69 GREATER NEBRASKA CITIES, SUB, 1,000.00 HALL CO COURT, MI, 136.00 HAMILTON TELECOMMUNICATIONS, SU, 267.38 HDR ENGINEERING INC, SE, 6,213.21 HEARTLAND OPTICAL INC, SU, 162.00 HORNADY, SU, 6,844.20 HUSKER ELECTRIC SUPPLY, SU, 17,970.00 IBT INC, SU, 156.78 IMAGETREND INC, MI, 579.72 ISLAND INDOOR CLIMATE LLC, SE, 3,045.00 ISLAND SUPPLY WELDING CO, RT, 20.93 JACKS UNIFORMS AND EQUIPMENT, SU, 320.84 JACY A SCHWIEGER, SE, 48.00 JC CROSS COMPANY, SU, 29,138.97 JEO CONSULTING GROUP INC, CON, 49,031.38 JK ENERGY CONSULTING LLC, SE, 5,070.50 JONATHAN SUNDERMEIER, SE, 336.00 K9 BED BUG DETECTION OF NEBRASKA LLC, SE, 600.00 KANSAS CITY VALVE & FITTING CO, SU, 2,785.05 KELLY SUPPLY CO, SE, 351.97 LCL TRUCK EQUIPMENT, MI, 3,691.50 LEETCH TREE SERVICE LLC, SE, 32,000.00 LOGIC CONTROL SALES INC, MI, 586.45 LORDAR INC, SE, 991.31 LOUP CENTRAL LANDFILL ASSOCIATION, SU, 3,034.58 LYMAN-RICHEY CORPORATION, SU, 17,343.90 LYON PRIDE ROOFING INC, SE, 15,720.00 MARION A TARNICK, SU, 99.44 MATHESON TRI-GAS INC, SU, 2,116.98 MC2 INC, SE, 38,581.75 MCMASTER CARR SUPPLY CO, SU, 3,289.85 MELLEN & ASSOCIATES INC, SU, 19,518.63 MELSEN STRIPING LLC, SE, 1,479.00 MID-NEBRASKA DISPOSAL INC, SE, 499.70 MIDWEST CLOUD COMPUTING LLC, SE, 343.46 MIDWEST CONNECT LLC, SE, 175.52 MIDWEST TAPE, SU, 722.42 MILSOFT UTILITY SOLUTIONS, SE, 11,932.50 MIRACLE RECREATION EQUIPMENT COMPANY, SU, 1,397.00 MOBOTREX INC, SU, 6,323.00 MUNICIPAL SUPPLY INC OF NE, SE, 4,352.61 MYERS HEATING AND AIR CONDITIONING, SU, 271.00 NAVAJO TRANSITIONAL ENERGY COMPANY LLC, SU, 183,571.05 NE DEPT OF TRANSPORTATION, MI, 2,778.85 NE LAW ENFORCEMENT TRAINING CENTER, SE, 135.00 NE RURAL WATER ASSO, SE, 300.00 NEBRASKA FIRE SPRINKLER CORP, SE, 405.00 NEBRASKA MACHINERY CO, SE, 1,963.23 NEBRASKA PUBLIC HEALTH ENVIRONMENTAL LAB, SE, 415.00 NEBRASKA-IOWA INDUSTRIAL FASTENERS CORP., SE, 45.60 NORTHERN SAFETY CO INC, SU, 527.35 NORTHWESTERN ENERGY, SE, 1,283.77 NORTHWESTERN ENERGY, SE, 7,373.73 NOVASPECT INC, SU, 9,334.99 ODEYS, SU, 4,511.15 OLSSON INC, CON, 120,671.08 ONE CALL CONCEPTS INC, MI, 882.32 OUTBACK FENCE CO LLC, SU, 2,842.00 OWENS EDUCATIONAL SERVICES INC, MI, 22.80 PARAMOUNT LINEN & UNIFORM RENTAL INC, SU, 100.92 PIPING RESOURCES INC, MI, 2,502.64 PLATTE VALLEY COMMUNICATIONS INC, SU, 424.05 PROTEX CENTRAL INC, SE, 4,010.00 PROVANTAGE LLC, SU, 831.30 PUBLIC POWER GENERATION AGENCY, SU, 314,942.22 QUADIENT LEASING USA INC, SE, 1,271.62 RASMUSSEN MECHANICAL SERVICES INC, SU, 2,619.96 REEL POWER INDUSTRIAL INC, SU, 650.36 REFUND CUSTOMERS, MI, 59.95 REOD LLC, SE, 6,436.00 RICK S JOHNSON, SU, 527.80 RICK S JOHNSON, SU, 1,730.07 ROAD BUILDING MACHINERY & SUPPLY CO, RT, 1,908.13 ROCHESTER ARMORED CAR CO INC, SE, 269.35 ROGER L BISH, SE, 560.00 SAINT FRANCIS MEDICAL CENTER, SE, 40.00 SAINT FRANCIS MEDICAL CENTER, MI, 260.93 SAPP BROS INC, SU, 21,171.11 SCARBOROUGH CONSTRUCTION INC, SE, 7,380.00 SECURITY FIRST BANK, MI, 287,082.87 SIMBECK AND ASSOCIATES INC, SU, 3,841.63 SOUTHERN POWER DISTRICT, SE, 1,992.28 STAROSTKA GROUP UNLIMITED INC, CON, 610,374.44 STATE OF NE DIV OF COMM, SE, 563.85 STATE OF NEBRASKA DEPT OF ENVIRONMENT & ENERGY, MI, 150.00 STEARNS, CONRAD & SCHMIDT CONSULTING ENGINEERS INC, MI, 5,885.80 STRETCH POWERSPORTS LLC, SE, 4,628.35 TARA EASTMAN, SE, 48.00 THE RETROFIT COMPANIES INC, SE, 740.15 THE STRUCTURAL BOLT COMPANY, SU, 548.19 UMR INC, IN, 72,326.99 UMR INC, IN, 75,479.56 UMR INC, IN, 99,633.77 WAM INC, SU, 494.50 WATER REMEDIATION TECHNOLOGY LLC, SE, 74,602.35 WEATHERCRAFT COMPANY, SE, 700.80 WELLS FARGO BANK NA, SE, 77.23 WESCO DISTRIBUTION INC, SU, 2,554.15 WESCO DISTRIBUTION INC, SU, 2,554.62 WIPER TOWEL SERV INC, SU, 209.40 ZORO TOOLS INC, SU, 31.15 Check Total, 3,341,495.19 Payroll period 4-25-21 through 5-8-21, 1,744,101.01 TOTAL, 5,085,596.20 30 ZNEZ


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