OFFICIAL PROCEEDINGS CITY OF GRAND ISLAND, NEBRASKA MINUTES OF CITY COUNCIL REGULAR MEETING April 13, 2021 Pursuant to due call and notice thereof, a Regular Meeting of the City Council of the City of Grand Island, Nebraska was conducted in the Council Chambers of City Hall, 100 East First Street, on April 13, 2021. Notice of the meeting was given in The Grand Island Independent on April 7, 2021. Mayor Steele called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. The following City Council members were present: Fitzke, Guzinski, Nickerson, Haase, Minton, Scott, Magie Mendoza, and Conley. Councilmembers Paulick and Stelk were absent. The following City Officials were present: City Administrator Janulewicz, City Clerk Edwards, Finance Director Brown, Interim City Attorney Nonhof and Public Works Director Collins. PRESENTATION AND PROCLAMATIONS: Presentation of Industrial Development Revenue Bonds - Tabitha Grand Island Project. This item was moved to the April 27, 2021 City Council meeting at the request of the presenters. PUBLIC HEARINGS: Public Hearing on Request from Casey's Retail Company dba Casey's General Store 2882, 1404 West 2nd Street for a Class "D" Liquor License. Staff recommended approval. No public testimony was heard. Public Hearing on Request from Scott and Mary Sahling for a Conditional Use Permit to Allow for Private Recreational Use on Property located at 531 Midaro Drive. Staff recommended approval. No public testimony was heard. Public Hearing on Dedication of Permanent Gas Regulator Easement in Section 23, Township Eleven North, Range 10; South of Old Potash Highway, West of North Road. Staff recommended approval. Robert Gehn and Dennis Placke representing Northwestern Natural Gas Company spoke in support. No further public testimony was heard. ORDINANCE APPROVED: #9820 - Consideration of Sale of Property Located at 3505 W Old Potash Highway (Anderson Auto Group - Parcel No. 400201048). Jay Vavricek, 2729 Brentwood Boulevard spoke in opposition. CONSENT AGENDA APPROVED: Approving Minutes of March 23, 2021 City Council Regular Meeting. Approving Minutes of March 30, 2021 City Council Study Session. Approving Request from Christine Patterson, 2232 West 11th Street, Grand Island, Nebraska for Liquor Manager Designation with The Cigarette Store dba Smoker Friendly 015, 802 West 2nd Street. #2021-73 - Approving Request from Casey's Retail Company dba Casey's General Store 2882, 1404 West 2nd Street for a Class "D" Liquor License and Liquor Manager Designation for Tina Stone, 1212 Blue Stem Circle, Norfolk, NE. #2021-74 - Approving Bid Award - Lime Slurry Tank Interior Protective Coating with Allen Blasting and Coating of Wever, IA. #2021-75 (A) and (B) - Approving Authorization to Join and Participate as an Associate Member of the Municipal Energy Agency of Nebraska (MEAN). #2021-76 - Approving the Appointment of Travis Burdett as the Alternate Member to the Nebraska Municipal Power Pool (NMPP). #2021-77 - Approving Supplemental Agreement No. 2 with NDOT for the Grand Island Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (GIAMPO) for the 2020 Fiscal Year Transportation Planning Program. #2021-78 - Approving Bid Award for Diffuser Replacement; Project No. 2021-WWTP-2 with JCI Industries, Inc. of Lee Summit, MO. #2021-79 - Approving Change Order No. 2 for Old Potash Highway Roadway Improvements; Project No. 2019-P-1 with Starostka Group Unlimited, Inc. of Grand Island, NE. #2021-80 - Approving Dedication of Permanent Gas Regulator Easement in Section 23, Township Eleven North, Range 10; South of Old Potash Highway, West of North Road. #2021-81 - Approving Final Plat and Subdivision Agreement for Ummel Third Subdivision. #2021-82 - Approving CDBG -CV Subrecipient Agreement with Senior Citizen Industries, Inc. #2021-83 - Approving CDBG -CV Subrecipient Agreement with Hall County Community Collaborative. #2021-84 - Approving Amendment to 2019 CDBG -CV Subrecipient Agreement with Heartland United Way. #2021-85 - Approving Subordination Request for 236 S. Plum (Lois Stade). #2021-86 - Approving Bid Award for Architectural Services Design HVAC at Grand Island Public Library with Prochaska & Associates or Omaha, NE. #2021-87 - Approving the Amendment to Grand Island Public Library FTE Budget Allocation. #2021-88 - Approving License Agreement with Maintenance, Projects & Construction Corporation of Evans, GA for Rental of Stuhr Impound Lot. REQUESTS AND REFERRALS APPROVED: Consideration of Approving Request from Scott and Mary Sahling for a Conditional Use Permit to Allow for Private Recreational Use on Property located at 531 Midaro Drive. PAYMENT OF CLAIMS: Unanimously approved the payment of claims for the period of March 24, 2021 through April 13, 2021 for a total amount of $3,752.660.32. ADJOURNMENT: The meeting was adjourned at 7:39 p.m. RaNae Edwards City Clerk 2ND WIND EXERCISE EQUIPMENT INC, MI, 1,210.00 AIRGAS INC, RT, 891.36 ALFRED BENESCH & COMPANY, SE, 21,912.50 APPLIED PRODUCTS INC, MI, 1,630.78 APX INC, SE, 430.05 ASSOCIATED STAFFING, SE, 902.88 AUDRA LEICHLEITER, SE, 700.00 AURORA COOPERATIVE ELEVATOR COMPANY, MI, 989.10 BH MEDIA GROUP INC, SUB, 495.35 BLUETARP FINANCIAL INC, MI, 72.19 BOKF NATIONAL ASSOCIATION, SE, 1,250.00 BORDER STATES INDUSTRIES INC, MI, 264,828.10 BOSSELMAN ENERGY INC, MI, 58.00 BRENNTAG GREAT LAKES LLC, MI, 1,337.00 BRUHA PLUMBING & SPRINKLER INC, SE, 128.03 BUSINESS WORLD PRODUCTS, SU, 171.93 CAPITAL BUSINESS SYSTEMS, INC, SE, 762.75 CARDINAL TOOL & DIE INC, MI, 268.75 CBS REPORTING SERVICES, SE, 27.40 CC JANITORIAL SERVICES INC, SE, 2,219.66 CENTRA CHEMICAL SERVICES, SE, 899.20 CENTRAL NE DRUG & SAFE STREETS TASK FORCE, MI, 9,790.00 CENTRAL NE HUMANE SOCIETY INC, CON, 32,375.00 CENTURYLINK INC, SE, 55.29 CENTURYLINK INC, SE, 60.55 CENTURYLINK INC, SE, 62.46 CENTURYLINK INC, SE, 458.28 CHANGE HEALTHCARE TECHNOLOGY ENABLED SERVICES LLC, SE, 4,523.33 CHARTER COMMUNICATIONS, SE, 8.48 CHARTER COMMUNICATIONS, SE, 27.16 CHARTER COMMUNICATIONS, SE, 1,088.00 CHASE PAYMENTECH LLC, SE, 67.43 CHEMTREAT INC, MI, 1,855.88 CHESTERMAN CO, MI, 150.00 CINTAS CORP, MI, 710.25 CITY GRAND ISLAND FIRE DEPT, MI, 600.00 CITY OF GRAND ISLAND, MI, 24,991.05 CITY OF GRAND ISLAND- BUILDING DEPT, MI, 415.65 CITY OF GRAND ISLAND- FINANCE DEPT, RE, 130,543.18 CITY OF GRAND ISLAND- TREASURER, RE, 2,701.97 CITY OF GRAND ISLAND- TREASURER, MI, 63,034.91 CITY OF GRAND ISLAND- UTILITIES, MI, 21,699.59 CITY OF GRAND ISLAND- UTILITIES, MI, 181,309.39 CITY OF NELIGH, RE, 11,480.78 CONDITIONED AIR MECHANICAL SYSTEMS & SERVICE CO, MI, 300.00 CORE & MAIN LP, MI, 13,639.09 CREDIT MANAGEMENT SERVICES INC, SE, 1,720.98 CRESCENT ELECTRIC SUPPLY CO, MI, 4,179.58 DCS PARTS CORPORATION, MI, 2,979.45 DEBRA L GREENWALT, MI, 100.00 DELTA DENTAL OF NEBRASKA, IN, 1,975.41 DELTA DENTAL OF NEBRASKA, IN, 6,615.12 DELTA DENTAL OF NEBRASKA, IN, 6,707.60 DELTA DENTAL OF NEBRASKA, IN, 9,059.82 DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY, MI, 53,131.49 DOBESH LAND LEVELING, MI, 31,071.68 DUEY'S COMPUTER SERVICE INC, SE, 4,836.57 DUTTON-LAINSON COMPANY, MI, 321.54 EBERL PLUMBING & DRAIN INC, SE, 90.95 ELAINE R JOHNSON, MI, 100.00 ELETECH INC, SE, 396.73 EMC INSURANCE CO, IN, 25,415.42 EMPACT ANALYTICAL SYSTEMS INC, MI, 270.00 ENTECH PEST MANAGEMENT INC, SE, 268.75 ENVIRONMENTAL OPERATING SOLUTIONS INC, MI, 10,677.50 ERMCO, MI, 27,799.50 ESSENTIAL PERSONNEL INC, SE, 757.98 FASTENAL CO, MI, 771.09 FATTMERCHANT INC, SE, 99.00 FEDERAL EXPRESS CORP, SE, 10.63 FIA CARD SERVICES, NATIONAL ASSOCIATION, MI, 376,739.84 GEMINI GROUP LLC, MI, 5,950.00 GENERAL COLLECTION CO INC, SE, 18.32 GMCO CORPORATION, MI, 2,335.77 GOVT PORTAL, SE, 578.87 GRAINGER, MI, 31.65 GRAND ISLAND PRINTING COMPANY INC, SE, 54.83 GREATER NEBRASKA CITIES, MI, 1,000.00 GRONES OUTDOOR POWER INC, SE, 469.03 HALL CO AIRPORT AUTHORITY, RT, 12,158.25 HALL CO COURT, SE, 85.00 HAMILTON TELECOMMUNICATIONS, SE, 267.38 HOME DEPOT USA INC, SU, 1,344.16 HOUSING DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION, MI, 26,500.00 HUSKER ELECTRIC SUPPLY, MI, 3,240.35 JACKS UNIFORMS AND EQUIPMENT, SU, 281.69 JACY A SCHWIEGER, MI, 32.00 JB SYSTEMS INC, SE, 31,770.00 JEO CONSULTING GROUP INC, SE, 78,981.35 JK ENERGY CONSULTING LLC, SE, 5,234.00 JOHNNYS LOCK & KEY, SE, 289.17 JONATHAN SUNDERMEIER, MI, 496.00 JUSTIN MEADER, SE, 1,132.10 KELLY SUPPLY CO, MI, 969.54 LEETCH TREE SERVICE LLC, CON, 10,750.00 LEON MCCONNELL, MI, 192.00 LEVANDERS LLC, SE, 703.63 LINCOLN WINWATER WORKS CO, MI, 443.44 LORDAR INC, SE, 745.86 LYMAN-RICHEY CORPORATION, MI, 18,814.10 MARION A TARNICK, MI, 99.44 MATHESON TRI-GAS INC, RT, 1,479.22 MATT FRIEND TRUCK EQUIPMENT INC, MI, 76.23 MCMASTER CARR SUPPLY CO, SU, 1,869.60 MELLEN & ASSOCIATES INC, MI, 5,701.06 MENARD INC, MI, 845.38 MEYLAN ENTERPRISES INC, MI, 2,871.63 MID-NEBRASKA DISPOSAL INC, SE, 201.30 MIDWEST CLOUD COMPUTING LLC, SE, 1,077.69 MIDWEST CONNECT LLC, SE, 183.65 MIDWEST HYDRAULIC SERVICE, SE, 1,569.25 MIDWEST TAPE, MI, 6,992.10 MIDWEST TURF & IRRIGATION, MI, 85,963.70 MONITORING SOLUTIONS INC, MI, 6,531.83 MRL CRANE SERVICE INC, SE, 2,659.62 MUELLER INSURANCE AGENCY INC, SE, 20.00 MUNICIPAL SUPPLY INC OF NE, SU, 6,432.33 NAVAJO TRANSITIONAL ENERGY COMPANY LLC, MI, 183,980.00 NAVAJO TRANSITIONAL ENERGY COMPANY LLC, MI, 184,694.11 NEBRASKA DEPARTMENT OF LABOR, MI, 1,316.17 NEBRASKA FIRE SPRINKLER CORP, SE, 1,305.00 NEBRASKA MACHINERY CO, SU, 3,014.25 NEBRASKA MUNICIPAL FIRE CHIEFS ASSO, MI, 387.50 NEBRASKA PUBLIC HEALTH ENVIRONMENTAL LAB, SE, 343.00 NEBRASKA STATE TREASURER, MI, 152,015.00 NEBRASKA-IOWA INDUSTRIAL FASTENERS CORP., MI, 359.54 NORTHWESTERN ENERGY, SE, 2,289.88 NORTHWESTERN ENERGY, SE, 3,133.99 NORTHWESTERN ENERGY, SE, 7,277.43 NOVASPECT INC, MI, 17,355.38 NSG LOGISTICS LLC, SU, 1,565.12 NUNNENKAMP WELL CO INC, SE, 12,600.00 OCLC ONLINE COMPUTER LIBRARY CENTER, SUB, 2,172.00 OLSSON INC, CON, 27,430.01 OMG MIDWEST INC, MI, 2,436.75 ONE CALL CONCEPTS INC, SE, 864.32 PARAMOUNT LINEN & UNIFORM RENTAL INC, MI, 100.92 PAYMENTUS CORPORATION, SE, 27,692.06 PEERLESS ENERGY SYSTEMS LLC, MI, 1,343.71 PETE LIEN & SONS INC, MI, 10,782.61 PLATTE VALLEY LABORATORIES INC, SE, 65.00 POWER SPECIALTIES INC, MI, 1,691.90 PRINCIPAL FINANCIAL GROUP, RE, 4,468.34 PUBLIC POWER GENERATION AGENCY, MI, 393,274.49 RACHEL A CLORAN, MI, 48.00 REFUND CUSTOMERS, RE, 1,288.13 ROAD BUILDING MACHINERY & SUPPLY CO, SU, 2,444.41 ROBERT A DETWEILER, SE, 106.77 ROCHESTER ARMORED CAR CO INC, SE, 269.35 RURAL ELECTRIC SUPPLY COOPERATIVE, MI, 3,579.75 SAINT FRANCIS MEDICAL CENTER, SE, 119.75 SAINT FRANCIS MEDICAL CENTER, SE, 128.70 SAINT FRANCIS MEDICAL CENTER, SE, 900.00 SAMPSON CONSTRUCTION CO INC, CON, 308,838.35 SAPP BROS INC, MI, 19,274.24 SONEPHET MANIVONG, MI, 15,000.00 SOUTHERN POWER DISTRICT, SE, 2,151.66 SPARLING INSTRUMENTS LLC, MI, 526.00 STATE OF NE DIV OF COMM, SE, 687.39 STATE OF NEBRASKA DEPT OF ENVIRONMENT & ENERGY, MI, 150.00 STATE OF NEBRASKA DEPT OF ENVIRONMENT & ENERGY, MI, 500.00 STUART C IRBY CO, MI, 2,741.25 TARA EASTMAN, MI, 304.00 THE CHRISTY REFRACTORIES COMPANY LLC, MI, 1,397.29 TLCB INC, SE, 1,124.61 TOWERS INSULATION INC, RT, 733.50 TRAFFIC TECHNICAL SUPPORT INC, SE, 436.00 TRUGREEN CHEMLAWN, SE, 50.00 UMR INC, IN, 36,070.44 UMR INC, IN, 71,262.78 UMR INC, IN, 75,652.90 UMR INC, IN, 75,804.40 UNION PACIFIC RAILROAD, SE, 1,241.37 UNION PACIFIC RAILROAD, MI, 276,412.87 UNITED STATES POSTMASTER, RT, 558.00 VAN KIRK SAND & GRAVEL INC, CON, 29,792.00 VENDNOVATION LLC, SE, 1,380.00 VOLKMANN CONSULTING, MI, 3,250.00 WAM INC, MI, 177.54 WATER REMEDIATION TECHNOLOGY LLC, MI, 74,602.35 WELLS FARGO BANK NA, SE, 7.67 WESCO DISTRIBUTION INC, MI, 620.96 WIPER TOWEL SERV INC, SE, 397.51 Check Total, 3,752,660.32, Payroll for period 3-28-21 through 4-10-21, 1,766,446.93 TOTAL, 5,519,107.25 2


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