OFFICIAL PROCEEDINGS CITY OF GRAND ISLAND, NEBRASKA MINUTES OF CITY COUNCIL REGULAR MEETING September 22, 2020 Pursuant to due call and notice thereof, a Regular Meeting of the City Council of the City of Grand Island, Nebraska was conducted in the Council Chambers of City Hall, 100 East First Street, on September 22, 2020. Notice of the meeting was given in The Grand Island Independent on September 16, 2020. Mayor Steele called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. The following City Council members were present: Paulick, Scott, Stelk, Conley, Minton, Hehnke, Schutz, Nickerson, and Haase. Councilmember Jones was absent. The following City Officials were present: City Administrator Janulewicz, City Clerk Edwards, Finance Director Brown, Interim City Attorney Nonhof and Public Works Director Collins. Presentation of the Food & Beverage Occupation Tax Oversight Committee 2020 Annual Report. Chairman Ron Depue presented the 2020 Annual Report of the Food & Beverage Occupation Tax Oversight Committee. PUBLIC HEARINGS: Public Hearing on Acquisition of Utility Easement - 4705 Gold Core Drive - ZITSKI, LLC. Staff recommended approval. No public testimony was heard. Public Hearing on Zoning Change for property located east of Engleman Road and south of Indian Grass Road (part of Copper Creek Subdivision) from R2 Low Density Residential to R-3SL Medium Density Residential Small Lot Zone (Guarantee Group LLC). Staff recommended approval. Amos Anson, 4234 Arizona Avenue; Sean O'Connor, 1912 West Anna Street; and Gordon Coble, 670 12th Avenue, St. Paul, Nebraska spoke in support. Matt Shultz, 4232 Indian Grass Road mentioned concerns of affordable housing and traffic. No further public testimony was heard. Public Hearing on Changes to Chapter 36-61 of the Grand Island City Code Relative to (LLR) Large Lot Residential Zone. Staff recommended approval. No public testimony was heard. ORDINANCES APPROVED: #9788 - Consideration of Amendments to Grand Chapter 22 of the Grand Island City Code Relative to Snow Emergency Routes #9789 - Consideration of Approving Zoning Change for Property located East of Engleman Road and South of Indian Grass Road (part of Copper Creek Subdivision) from R2 Low Density Residential R-3SL Medium Density Residential Small Lot (Guarantee Group LLC). Councilmembers Paulick and Schutz voted no. #9790 - Consideration of Approving Changes to Chapter 36-61 of the Grand Island City Code Relative to (LLR) Large Lot Residential. #9791 - Consideration of Approving Annexation of Property Located at Capital Avenue and Engleman Road NWE North Subdivision (First Reading). #9792 - Consideration of Approving Annexation of Property Located at Husker Highway and Engleman Road NWE South Subdivision (First Reading). CONSENT AGENDA APPROVED: Approving Minutes of September 8, 2020 City Council Regular Meeting. Approving Request from Cody Schmick, 3460 Anaheim Drive, Lincoln, Nebraska for Liquor Manager Designation with Kinkaider Brewing Company, LLC., 316 North Pine Street. Approving Garbage Permits for Heartland Disposal and Mid-Nebraska Disposal, Inc. and Refuse Permits for Full Circle Rolloffs and O'Neill Transportation and Equipment, LLC. #2020-222 - Approving Agreement with Clean Community Systems. #2020-223 - Approving Acquisition of Utility Easement - 4705 Gold Core Drive - ZITSKI, LLC. #2020-224 - Approving Bid Award - Boiler Inspection & Repair at Platte Generating Station - Fall 2020 Outage with Locke AMI of Olathe, KS. #2020-225 - Approving Bid Award - Purchase of Sulfuric Acid with Telemetry Program with Univar USA of Omaha, NE. #2020-226 - Approving the Renewal of Property, Peril, Fire & Terrorism Insurance with Factory Mutual Insurance Company of St. Louis, MO. #2020-227 - Approving PGS Coal Combustion Residual (CCR) Groundwater Services - Task 16 with HDR Engineering. #2020-228 - Approving Change Order #1 for Boiler Inspection and Repair - Spring, 2020 with Locke AMI of Olathe, KS. #2020-229 - Approving Final Plat and Subdivision Agreement for Copper Creek 16th Subdivision. #2020-230 - Approving Agreement with NDOT-Intermodal Planning Division for the Grand Island Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (GIAMPO) for the 2021 Fiscal Year TRANSIT, Section 5305, Transportation Planning Program. #2020-231 - Approving Change Order No. 1 for the 2020 Asphalt Resurfacing Project No. 2020-AC-1 with Gary Smith Construction Co. Inc. of Grand Island, NE to Extend the Completion Date to November 15, 2020. #2020-232 - Approving the Re-establishment of Connection Fees for Subdivided Lots in Bosselville Fourth Subdivision- Sanitary Sewer District No. 530T. #2020-233 - Approving Amendment No. 1 to Engineering Consulting Services for Sanitary Sewer District No. 544; Ellington Pointe and Westwood Park Subdivisions with Alfred Benesch & Company of Lincoln, NE. #2020-234 - Approving Bid Award for Drainage Ditch Grading, Excavating, and Hauling 2020-2021 to Harders Dozer and Scraper, LLC of Cairo, NE. #2020-235 - Approving Certificate of Final Completion for Furnishing Components for "EIMCO� Type C3D-Full Trough Skimmer Clarifier Mechanism; Project No. 2019-WWTP-5with Ovivo USA, LLC of Salt Lake City, UT. #2020-236 - Approving Certificate of Final Completion for Final Clarifier No. 2 Renovation; Project No. 2020-WWTP-2 with Fab Tech Wastewater Solutions, LLC of O'Fallon, MO. #2020-237 - Approving Change Order No. 1 for Moores Creek Drain Extension- North Road to Engleman Road; Project No. 2020-D-1 with Mid Nebraska Land Developers, LLC of Aurora, NE to Extend the Completion Date to November 15, 2020. #2020-238 - Approving Bid Award for Sanitary Sewer District No. 544; Ellington Pointe and Westwood Park Subdivisions with Diamond Engineering Company of Grand Island, NE. #2020-239 - Approving RFP for Design Services to Reconstruct Baffles at the Heartland Public Shooting Park - Parks & Recreation Department with JEO Consulting Group of Wahoo, NE. #2020-240 - Approving Overnight RV Parking for May 2021 Softball Tournament at Veterans Sports Complex - Parks & Recreation Department. #2020-241 - Approving CDBG Amendment No. 01 to Contract #2018-6 with Hope Harbor, Inc. #2020-242 - Approving Grand Island Fire Departments Medical Director's Contract with Dr. Michael McGahan of Grand Island, NE. RESOLUITON APPROVED: #2020-243 - Consideration of Approving Bid Award - Construction of Pickleball Courts at Veterans Sports Complex - Parks & Recreation Department with Multicon, Inc. of Wichita, KS. Nita Lechner, 215 Lakeside Drive spoke in support and mentioned the Pickleball Club had raised $116,617.82 for this project. PAYMENT OF CLAIMS: Unanimously approved the payment of claims for the period of September 9, 2020 through September 22, 2020 for a total amount of $7,995,661.99. ADJOURNMENT: The meeting was adjourned at 8:50 p.m. RaNae Edwards City Clerk AEP ONSITE PARTNERS LLC, MI, 17,625.82 AIRESPRING INC, SE, 546.56 AIRGAS INC, RT, 743.70 AKRS EQUIPMENT SOLUTIONS INC, MI, 450.50 ALFRED BENESCH & COMPANY, CON, 36,089.00 ANDERSON FORD, MI, 24,096.00 APX INC, MI, 547.35 ARMBRUSTER ELECTRIC, SE, 1,677.78 ASSOCIATED STAFFING, SE, 450.35 AT&T CORP, SE, 16.51 AUDIO MARKETING SOLUTIONS, SE, 95.00 AURORA COOPERATIVE ELEVATOR COMPANY, MI, 4,264.87 AURORA SCREEN PRINTING & EMBROIDERY, MI, 1,259.00 AVI SYSTEMS, CON, 9,943.38 BAKER HUGHES HOLDINGS LLC, MI, 2,715.76 BH MEDIA GROUP INC, SE, 14.29 BH MEDIA GROUP INC, SE, 57.67 BLACKBURN MFG CO, MI, 2,236.08 BLUEGRASS LANDSCAPING, SE, 250.00 BORDER STATES INDUSTRIES INC, SU, 5,686.75 BOSSELMAN ENERGY INC, MI, 29.00 BRODY A SHEEKS, SE, 100.00 BUSINESS WORLD PRODUCTS, SU, 117.80 C & C POWERWASHING & DETAIL INC, MI, 1,020.00 CAREY'S LAWNSCAPE INC, SE, 309.00 CENTURYLINK INC, SE, 16.08 CENTURYLINK INC, SE, 22.08 CENTURYLINK INC, SE, 28.08 CENTURYLINK INC, SE, 40.94 CENTURYLINK INC, SE, 48.24 CENTURYLINK INC, SE, 49.02 CENTURYLINK INC, SE, 50.16 CENTURYLINK INC, SE, 50.30 CENTURYLINK INC, SE, 55.66 CENTURYLINK INC, SE, 58.27 CENTURYLINK INC, SE, 59.24 CENTURYLINK INC, SE, 64.32 CENTURYLINK INC, SE, 76.32 CENTURYLINK INC, SE, 80.76 CENTURYLINK INC, SE, 86.40 CENTURYLINK INC, SE, 100.32 CENTURYLINK INC, SE, 109.11 CENTURYLINK INC, SE, 120.48 CENTURYLINK INC, SE, 146.64 CENTURYLINK INC, SE, 153.94 CENTURYLINK INC, SE, 156.72 CENTURYLINK INC, SE, 402.84 CENTURYLINK INC, SE, 764.10 CENTURYLINK INC, SE, 870.29 CHARLES SARGENT IRRIGATION INC, MI, 13,400.00 CHARTER COMMUNICATIONS, SE, 1,088.00 CHESTERMAN CO, MI, 147.12 CHICKEN COOP OF GRAND ISLAND INC, MI, 10,000.00 CINTAS CORP, MI, 512.88 CITY OF GRAND ISLAND, MI, 75.00 CITY OF GRAND ISLAND, MI, 26,817.88 CITY OF GRAND ISLAND- BID's, RE, 10,200.00 CITY OF GRAND ISLAND- FINANCE DEPT, MI, 304,305.97 CITY OF GRAND ISLAND- TREASURER, RE, 486.07 CITY OF GRAND ISLAND- TREASURER, MI, 65,584.44 CITY OF GRAND ISLAND- UTILITIES, RE, 7,539.56 CITY OF GRAND ISLAND- UTILITIES, MI, 250,512.27 CITY OF GRAND ISLAND- UTILITIES, MI, 306,199.14 COMMUNITY REDEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY, CON, 100,000.00 CONTINENTAL FIRE SPRINKLER COMPANY, SE, 844.12 CPI TECHNOLOGIES LLC, SE, 75.00 CREATIVE CABINETS INC, MI, 5,285.62 CRESCENT ELECTRIC SUPPLY CO, MI, 2,325.43 D & A TRENCHING, SE, 28,147.20 DANIEL R ZILLER, SE, 2,394.00 DAVID MIKE BAILEY, SE, 143.38 DELTA DENTAL OF NEBRASKA, IN, 1,950.03 DELTA DENTAL OF NEBRASKA, IN, 4,913.42 DELTA DENTAL OF NEBRASKA, IN, 8,526.26 DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY, SE, 95,696.73 DIAMOND ENGINEERING CO, SE, 300.00 DISCOVERY BENEFITS, SE, 310.80 DOLORES A SIMONS, SE, 660.00 DONALD E KRUSE, MI, 13,908.68 DPB INDUSTRIAL INC, SU, 1,077.04 DPC INDUSTRIES INC, SU, 3,099.77 DUEY'S COMPUTER SERVICE INC, SE, 6,268.13 DUTTON-LAINSON COMPANY, SU, 213.39 DXP ENTERPRISES INC, SU, 823.58 EAGLE EYE WEED CONTROL LLC, SE, 1,203.50 ECHO ELECTRIC SUPPLY, MI, 793.35 EGAN SUPPLY CO, SU, 287.07 EMC INSURANCE CO, IN, 55,111.12 ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT ALTERNATIVES INC, MI, 3,295.00 ERES INTERNATIONAL INC, SE, 22,706.19 ERMCO, MI, 136,804.50 FAMILY RESOURCES OF GREATER NE, SE, 3,250.00 FATTMERCHANT INC, MI, 69.00 FELSBURG, HOLT & ULLEVIG, MI, 7,486.12 FIA CARD SERVICES, NATIONAL ASSOCIATION, SU, 245,743.02 FIRST INSURANCE GROUP LLC, SE, 608,825.00 FONNER PARK EXPOSITION & EVENTS CENTER, MI, 24,018.55 FREUDENBERG FILTRATION TECHNOLOGIES LP, SU, 5,601.00 GARY SMITH CONSTRUCTION CO INC, CON, 50,666.65 GC MINI STORAGE LLC, MI, 4,630.00 GDS ASSOCIATES INC, MI, 3,172.50 GE STEAM POWER INC, SE, 23,865.79 GENERAL COLLECTION CO INC, SE, 385.83 GEO-COMM INC, MI, 13,875.00 GI LOAN SHOP INC, MI, 15,000.00 GMP FERTILIZING & LAWNCARE, SE, 2,500.00 GOVERNMENTJOBS.COM INC, SUB, 8,929.35 GOVT PORTAL, SE, 3,536.74 GRAND ISLAND AREA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE, MI, 150.00 GRAND ISLAND AREA ECONOMIC, MI, 87,500.00 GRAND ISLAND CLINIC INC, SE, 70.00 GRAND ISLAND PUBLIC SCHOOLS, MI, 1,017.50 GREATER NEBRASKA CITIES, MI, 1,000.00 GREGORY REMPE, MI, 750.00 GROW GRAND ISLAND INC, MI, 150,000.00 HALL CO COURT, SE, 272.00 HALL CO WEED CONTROL, SE, 84.12 HALL COUNTY, MI, 54,048.38 HALL COUNTY CONVENTION & VISITORS BUREAU, MI, 950.00 HAMILTON TELECOMMUNICATIONS, SE, 267.38 HDR ENGINEERING INC, SE, 69,246.56 HEARTLAND DISPOSAL, RT, 285.00 HEARTLAND OPTICAL INC, MI, 1,662.00 HOME DEPOT USA INC, SU, 535.74 HOOKER BROS SAND & GRAVEL INC, MI, 304.28 HUSKER ELECTRIC SUPPLY, MI, 31,637.25 IBT INC, SU, 268.81 IMAGETREND INC, SE, 14,809.74 J ELIZABETH LLC, MI, 6,000.00 JACKS UNIFORMS AND EQUIPMENT, MI, 979.49 JACKSON SERVICES INC, MI, 34.84 JEO CONSULTING GROUP INC, CON, 71,548.75 JERRY'S SHEETMETAL INC, SE, 960.00 KINKAIDER BREWING CO LLC, MI, 15,000.00 KRIHA FLUID POWER CO INC, MI, 1,893.17 LEAGUE OF NEBRASKA MUNICIPALITIES, MI, 120.00 LEETCH TREE SERVICE LLC, SE, 12,500.00 LILIENTHAL CABINET INC, SE, 6,498.50 LORDAR INC, SE, 1,133.54 LOUP CENTRAL LANDFILL ASSOCIATION, MI, 5,032.60 LYMAN-RICHEY CORPORATION, MI, 342.28 LYMAN-RICHEY CORPORATION, MI, 5,178.25 MARION A TARNICK, MI, 99.44 MATHESON TRI-GAS INC, MI, 1,404.22 MCMASTER CARR SUPPLY CO, MI, 579.40 MDM PEST & TERMITE CONTROL, SE, 160.00 MENARD INC, SE, 45,208.15 MID NEBRASKA LAND DEVELOPERS LLC, CON, 102,529.55 MID PLAINS CONSTRUCTION CO, SE, 20,050.00 MID-NEBRASKA DISPOSAL INC, SE, 529.20 MIDWEST CLOUD COMPUTING LLC, SE, 2,949.54 MIDWEST CONNECT LLC, SE, 441.13 MIDWEST HYDRAULIC SERVICE, MI, 569.70 MIDWEST TAPE, MI, 4,353.83 MONITORING SOLUTIONS INC, SE, 3,488.14 MRL CRANE SERVICE INC, RT, 150.50 MYERS CONSTRUCTION INC, CON, 248,168.01 NAVAJO TRANSITIONAL ENERGY COMPANY LLC, MI, 1,724.90 NE DEPT OF TRANSPORTATION, MI, 1,716.21 NEBRASKA HOIST & CRANE LLC, SE, 3,117.50 NEBRASKA PETERBILT, MI, 171,779.00 NEBRASKA PUBLIC HEALTH ENVIRONMENTAL LAB, SE, 32.00 NEBRASKA PUBLIC POWER DISTRICT, MI, 292,747.05 NEBRASKA STATE SPORTING CLAYS ASSOCIATION INC, MI, 1,135.50 NEBRASKALINK HOLDINGS LLC, SE, 1,140.00 NEUTRAL POSTURE INC, MI, 4,416.00 NORTHWESTERN ENERGY, SE, 79.60 NORTHWESTERN ENERGY, SE, 123.71 NSG LOGISTICS LLC, MI, 4,537.01 NUNNENKAMP WELL CO INC, SE, 4,020.00 OCLC ONLINE COMPUTER LIBRARY CENTER, SUB, 2,172.00 OFFICENET INC, SE, 42.51 OHIO LUMEX CO INC, SE, 720.00 OMAHA PUBLIC POWER DISTRICT, RE, 21,300.00 OMAHA PUBLIC POWER DISTRICT, MI, 47,289.00 OMAHA PUBLIC POWER DISTRICT, MI, 813,268.00 OVIVO USA LLC, MI, 14,885.40 PARAMOUNT LINEN & UNIFORM RENTAL INC, MI, 100.92 PEREGRINE SERVICES INC, SE, 7,518.08 PETE LIEN & SONS INC, MI, 20,573.54 PIPING RESOURCES INC, MI, 4,115.95 PLATT DUETSCHE CORPORATION, SE, 150.00 PLATTE VALLEY COMMUNICATIONS INC, SE, 1,203.39 POWER SPECIALTIES INC, MI, 1,997.19 PRAIRIE BREEZE EXPANSION HOLDINGS LLC, MI, 303,291.16 R S STOVER COMPANY, MI, 1,286.58 RADIO COMMUNICATIONS CO INC OF WATERLOO, MI, 12,500.00 REECE CONSTRUCTION CO INC, RT, 177.38 REFUND CUSTOMERS, RE, 1.00 REFUND CUSTOMERS, RE, 209.64 REFUND CUSTOMERS, RE, 211.90 REFUND CUSTOMERS, RE, 213.31 REFUND CUSTOMERS, RE, 220.00 REFUND CUSTOMERS, RE, 276.06 REFUND CUSTOMERS, RE, 285.50 REFUND CUSTOMERS, RE, 291.75 REFUND CUSTOMERS, RE, 418.25 REFUND CUSTOMERS, RE, 470.56 REFUND CUSTOMERS, RE, 491.38 REFUND CUSTOMERS, RE, 720.03 REFUND CUSTOMERS, RE, 1,286.98 REFUND CUSTOMERS, RE, 2,101.07 REFUND CUSTOMERS, RE, 2,111.04 REFUND CUSTOMERS, RE, 2,115.04 ROBERT A DETWEILER, SE, 61.92 ROBERT ELDEN WILLIAMS, SE, 400.00 RON KNOTT, SE, 250.00 RURAL ELECTRIC SUPPLY COOPERATIVE, MI, 2,578.40 S & S LINE STRIPING, SE, 1,000.00 SAPP BROS INC, MI, 17,540.95 SARASWATI LLC, MI, 9,000.00 SCARBOROUGH CONSTRUCTION INC, SE, 800.00 SEWER ROOTER SERVICE & PLUMBING INC, SE, 1,989.31 SHEFFIELD TREE SERVICE INC, SE, 6,450.00 SKARSHAUG TESTING LABORATORY INC, MI, 854.18 SOS PORTABLE TOILETS INC, RT, 559.01 SOUTHERN POWER DISTRICT, SE, 111.93 SOUTHERN POWER DISTRICT, SE, 221.63 SOUTHERN POWER DISTRICT, SE, 536.32 SOUTHERN POWER DISTRICT, SE, 963.17 SPEECE LEWIS ENGINEERS INC, SE, 6,640.00 SPIRIT IN THE SKY LLC, MI, 9,000.00 STANDARD LABORATORIES, INC, SE, 32.10 STAROSTKA GROUP UNLIMITED INC, CON, 1,447,770.00 STATE OF NE DEPT OF REVENUE, MI, 50.00 STATE OF NE DEPT OF REVENUE, MI, 494,442.45 STATE OF NE DIV OF COMM, MI, 12.15 STATE OF NEBRASKA DEPT OF ENVIRONMENT & ENERGY, MI, 8,000.00 STEADFAST BUILDERS LLC, SE, 4,850.00 STRAIGHT-LINE STRIPING, SE, 1,003.10 SURE SHINE CONSTRUCTION LLC, SE, 1,250.00 TAWNY SLIZOSKI, SE, 800.00 TELE-WORKS INC, SE, 22,182.00 TLCB INC, SE, 4,515.00 TRI CITY SIGN, SE, 4,750.00 TWILA R REMPE, SE, 540.00 UMR INC, IN, 69,544.76 UMR INC, IN, 70,406.02 UMR INC, IN, 142,379.00 UNION PACIFIC RAILROAD, MI, 265,609.65 UNITED CONVEYOR SUPPLY CO, SE, 119.47 UNIVAR USA INC, MI, 11,685.76 VAN DIEST SUPPLY CO, SU, 3,569.40 WAM INC, RT, 322.50 WATER ENGINEERING INC, SU, 10,352.63 WELLS FARGO BANK NA, SE, 202.06 WESCO DISTRIBUTION INC, MI, 6,304.88 WEST GROUP PAYMENT CENTER, SUB, 727.07 WESTERN FUELS ASSOCIATION INC, SE, 1,250.00 WILLCO INC, MI, 1,478.13 WIPER TOWEL SERV INC, SU, 288.71 XEROX CORPORATION, SE, 104.93 ZABUNI SPECIALTY COFFEE AUCTION LLC, MI, 9,000.00 ZORO TOOLS INC, MI, 76.33 Check Total, $7,995,661.99 Payroll for period 9-13-20 through 9-26-20 $1,699,389.24 Total, $9,695,051.23 18


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