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kids adjust to starting
Drop by before the
first dropoff day. Many
daycare facilities
encourage parents to
visit the facility with
their children before
youngsters’ first official
day at daycare. This
allows kids to meet
their teachers as well as
other children who will
How to help kids adjust to starting daycare
be in their class. That
familiarity can make
Children reach many milestones throughout their lives.
While a child’s first step and first tooth may garner the
Speak with kids about
bulk of the milestone glory, other moments are just as
daycare in advance of their first day. As kids’ first
day at daycare approaches, parents can speak with
One milestone that parents may not look forward to
them about what to expect. Discuss
is their kids’ first day away from mom and dad. For
changes in routine as well as more
many children, that day is spent at daycare. Parents
exciting things, like the chance to play
may get emotional when dropping their young children with other kids. If you were able to
off at daycare for the first time, and those emotions
visit before the first day, mentions
might only grow stronger if children cry when Mom
teachers and other children your
and Dad walk away. Fortunately, there are ways to help child met during the visit. That can

It’s About the Whole Child, No Matter How Small

help calm their nerves about leaving Mom and Dad.
Practice leaving your child with someone else. Much
of the fear kids have when being dropped off at
daycare for the first time is seeing mom or dad leave
the facility. Kids who have seen this before, whether
they’re left with a babysitter or a relative for a couple
of hours, are more likely to smoothly adjust to being
left at daycare. Parents who haven’t yet enjoyed a date
night or time away from their children can book some
time away together so their children can get used to
spending time with someone other than Mom and Dad.
Invite other children from the daycare over for play
dates. Another way to help kids embrace their first
days at daycare is to invite some of their prospective
classmates over for a play date. If parents who live
nearby recommended the facility, invite their children
over for a play date. Familiar, friendly faces can help
the transition to daycare go smoothly.
Let kids take a comfort item with them. A favorite
blanket or stuffed animal can calm kids’ nerves as they
transition to daycare. Before telling kids they can bring
such an item along, confirm if it’s allowed with the
program director.
The first day at daycare is a milestone for kids. Parents
can take various steps to make that day go as smoothly
as possible.

• Combined Daycare/
Preschool Program
• Step Up to Quality Center
• All Faiths Welcome

5:00 am - 6:30 pm
18 Months - 13 Years • Preschool
• Free Transportation Included
• State & Federal Certified
• Camera System Throughout
Indoors & Outdoors

Low child to teacher ratio and qualified staff
To request information or to enroll your child,
please call or stop by the office.

112 S. Cedar • Grand Island • 398-4047
Monday - Friday 5:30 am to 6:00 pm

since 2003


Blessed Sacrament

Catholic Preschool

KDL Child Care

• All Day Creative Curriculum
for Ages 6 Weeks to 5 Years

518 W.
State Street
Grand Island


Classes for
3, 4, and 5
Year Olds

STEM • Fitness • Music
Faith • Spanish

St. Pauls

Early Learning Center


• School Age Program for
6 Years to 12 Years

Hours: M-F 6am to 6pm

1515 S. Harrison St. • Grand Island


In-Town Acreage Childcare Provides
Wonderful Outdoor Activities:

• Children’s Garden • Butterfly
• Water Day
• Pumpkin Day
• Pinecone Day • Picnic Day
• Popcorn Day
• Snow Cone Day
• Grasshopper & Bird Watching
• Many More

Large playground with three sections
to allow all age groups to play safely
Our own lunch room serving
homemade, healthy CACFP meals
Field trips and daily learning activities with
artwork that your children proudly take home

Andrea Cash • 308-381-5732
3704 W. 13th St. • Grand Island


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