When the mind is lulled into indifference, it becomes an enemy that can only be taken away by finding happiness so complete that it can’t come from the situations around us. In order to overcome indifference, we must find a sense of contentment that can’t be affected by the world around us.

Indifference is a lack of concern or interest. When it is found, it is incredibly difficult to forget it. It is the suffocation of thoughts and ideas and must be remedied by immediate action. It has the power to touch anything in life and make it seem meaningless. When faced with indifference, anything and everything doesn’t stand a chance.

I knew that, if I learned not to care about the things I loved, I wouldn’t be able to regain my former passion for them. I wouldn’t be able to play the piano with the same intensity, write with the same enthusiasm, and live with the same appetency.

And that is what scared me the most.

I didn’t want to cease to love the life that I could lead.

Many individuals in my generation lack interest in their education, passion and future. They view themselves as a component of society rather than as a potential benefit to the world. Instead of merely existing, youths need to learn that they are capable of making changes in any and every situation that they deem problematic.

At this very moment, we all have the greatest gift: time. With time, anything can happen. Though we may not always possess it, we do in these very moments, so it is important that we take action in the present rather than wait for the future. The future will never come, so we must wrest ourselves of our natural practice of complacence.

Most limitations are merely perceptions, but indifference isn’t a perception. It is a dangerous reality that can consume us all.

Although indifference is an enemy when held up to the light of our passions, it can be utilized effectively when held up to the darkness of what we fear. We should always be indifferent to what makes no difference. The people who call you out for what you wear, what you act like, and what you love make no difference.

Indifference can plague anyone, and its victims can be any age and live any lifestyle. There is only one thing that we should fear, and that is falling into the vortex of indifference. When we cease to care about one thing, it can begin to infect other areas of our life.

And that is what I feared the most.

I felt as if I was being plagued by indifference in the areas of my life that I used to love the most. I continued to ask the same question. Why couldn’t I care?

I wanted to care about my education and my passions, but I felt as if I was plagued by indifference. As the feeling began to sink in, I realized I had to take action immediately.

The only remedy for indifference is finding a sense of happiness and contentment that is outside the barriers of what our mind has been limited to. It was in the quiet, still moments that I found this feeling. It was when I was laughing with my family, writing at midnight, and playing the piano for hours on end that I felt contentment.

I found happiness when I realized that I had control over my mind. Whenever my mind told me to watch a movie or step away from the book I was enjoying, I told myself that I had trained myself to not care. I turned off the TV and nestled up with the book I loved.

I want us to have no fear. I want us to live. I want us to care.

Emelia Richling is a sophomore at Northwest High School.

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