New View Real Estate makes buying your next home simple - find the perfect place.

Need a home in Grand Island, Nebraska or the nearby communities? New View Real Estate has MLS listings for houses for both first time homeowners, and those who are ready for a bigger property. With many homes currently listed for the tri-cities and surrounding towns, like Cairo, Alda, Wood River, Doniphan, Dannebrog and more, New View Real Estate can help you throughout the process of buying your next home.

Browse properties for sale, and then contact New View Real Estate to see the home in person, have your questions answered, and feel confident in the choice for your next home.

Buying a home has several steps, finding the right house is just the start.  

*Getting prequalified for a home loan

*Find the perfect home

*Negotiate the price and terms

*Whole house and termite inspections (minimum in our opinion)

*Negotiate any repairs

*Get your banks appraiser in the property (Negotiate appraisal repairs)

*Schedule your closing


New View Real Estate can help make this process much easier for you.  With decades of experience, our help will make your home purchase much easier.

Important factors to consider when buying your home include:

  • Neighborhood Information

    • Take a look around the neighborhood. Are there people outside? What does the condition of the area indicate? Take a moment and ask New View Real Estate about the neighborhood that you are looking at moving in to.

  • Nearby Schools

    • If you have children, it is important to find a good school with quality educators. Grand Island, and the surrounding communities, is thankful to have schools that provide opportunities for growth. Ask New View Real Estate what school is nearby your potential neighborhood that would be a good fit for your children.

    • If you do not have children, it is important to understand what schools are nearby so you can plan your regular routes accordingly. Ask New View Real Estate about the schools nearby and potential alternative routes you can take to avoid traffic.

  • Nearby factories/plants, trains, busy streets or other possible disruptions

    • Sensory sensitivities are the first thing you’ll notice during your first nights’ stay in your new home. Before committing to a home, ask your New View Real Estate agent about factors that could contribute to any sensory sensitivity that you may have.

  • Yard space

    • Matching your current and future lifestyle with yard space is a major factor when looking at purchasing a new home. Not only is it vital to consider pets and children, but the amount of time you have to contribute to lawn care.

    • Ask your New View Real Estate agent about nearby lawn care services if you have concerns on time you would spend on making your new yard look pristine.

  • Future plans

    • Considering future plans should always be a factor when looking at a new home. Will you add to your family? Will people often gather at your house? If so, is your potential home equipped to handle what your future could possibly bring?

  • Look beyond the staging

    • There is careful time and consideration put in to staging a home so that you can imagine yourself living there. Although it’s easy to get sucked into the beautiful, tasteful décor, take a moment to step back and look beyond the staging.

  • Are any necessary updates realistic for your lifestyle?

    • It’s easy for one to say, “Yes! I’d love to fix up a home.” When actuality sets in, fixing up a home takes additional time, money, and resources. Are you realistically equipped to take on a fixer upper? If you feel that you are, how much can you actually manage? Will these projects fit in to your time line? What part of the house is top priority and which part can you settle with for a while?

    • Take a moment to talk about your ideal house with your New View Real Estate agent compared to your budget.