A Grand Island man has been arrested on charges related to human trafficking.

In a news release today, the Grand Island Police Department said it arrested Muhamed Musse Hussein, 29, of Grand Island at about 2:45 p.m. Thursday on allegations of human trafficking and first-degree sexual assault, both felony offenses.

Thursday’s arrest is part of an ongoing investigation that resulted in Hassan Aden, 33, of Grand Island being arrested in March 2020 for activities that allegedly occurred over several years. GIPD said investigators have cause to believe that in August 2019, Muhamed Musse Hussein paid Hassan Aden to have intercourse with an adult female victim, and that during that incident the intercourse was not voluntary on the part of the victim. GIPD said the allegations were corroborated during the investigation.

“The Grand Island Police Department will continue to investigate and be a voice for victims of this and other human trafficking incidents as a part of our united effort with other communities and agencies to prevent and combat sex and labor trafficking,” the department said.

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