WOOD RIVER — A Wood River father posted an alert to other parents about a woman who visited his home Wednesday afternoon, saying she was there to pick up the man’s daughter for a play date with her child.

On Facebook, the man wrote that the woman saw a quarantine sign with his daughter’s picture on it in his yard.

The woman, who was driving a white Toyota, did not ring the doorbell but walked around the house, yelling his daughter’s name.

The man’s wife heard the woman calling and came out to see what she wanted. The woman said she was there to pick up the girl for a play date with her daughter.

Knowing that her daughter had a full day planned, the mother “was alarmed and questioned her about this supposed play date,” the man wrote on Facebook. The woman said she was supposed to find the house with the sign and pick up the girl.

After being told she wasn’t welcome at the home, the woman drove away.

The Facebook post was addressed to the man’s Wood River friends. “If you purchased a quarantine sign of your child for your yard, please consider taking it inside.”

Writing about the female visitor, the man wrote, “We’re convinced she saw the sign with (their daughter’s) picture and name, and had ill intentions. Please keep your eyes open and your kids safe!”

The Hall County Sheriff’s Department investigated the incident Wednesday, said Chief Deputy Jim Castleberry. The vehicle had left before a deputy arrived, and the people who live in the house did not have a license plate number or other information the department could use to follow up.

The message the Sheriff’s Department received made no mention of possible ill intent, Castleberry said.

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