Awaken the Dawn-Nebraska will host a 24-hour day of worship and prayer beginning at 8 p.m. Saturday.

As part of Awaken the Dawn’s 100-day procession of night and day worship and prayer, the event is open to the public and will include prayers in Grand Island at Pioneer Park and New Life Community Church.

“We are committed to a multidenominational, cross-cultural experience,” said Steve Johnson of Grand Island, Awaken the Dawn state coordinator. “Anyone can attend.”

The event will begin with an opportunity for worship at Pioneer Park on Saturday.

“We will initiate the gathering at 8 p.m. in Pioneer Park,” Johnson said. “After about two hours, we will begin busing people to New Life Community Church.”

At New Life Community Church, he said, the event will be scaled back from Pioneer Park by featuring private prayer and prayers for the nation, and honoring local law enforcement officers and staff.

In addition to the prayers, Johnson said, the event will include musicians.

Coffee also will be available.

On Sunday, additional prayers will take place at 2:22, 3:33 and 4:44 p.m. at Pioneer Park.

“At 2:22, pray for our friends in blue,” Johnson said. “We are going to pray for not only local law enforcement, but law enforcement across the country.”

At 3:33, attendees will pray for community unity, and at 4:44, for more healing and safety.

Johnson said, while planning the event, he felt led to pursue all three topics.

“Look across the fabric of the country,” he said. “(The topics) are paramount to the safety of our citizenry. We are being torn. We need to walk toward unity.”

After coordinating with and vetting by the Central District Health Department, Johnson said, masks and social distancing will be encouraged, but not required.

“If someone comes without a mask, they will not be turned away,” he said.

Masks and opportunities to clean hands will be made available to all attendees, Johnson said.

For more information on the 24-hour day of worship and prayer or other events from Awaken the Dawn-Nebraska, visit

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