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As graduation draws closer, it’s a bittersweet ending

As graduation draws closer, it’s a bittersweet ending

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As the school year is coming to an end, the graduating class of 2021 is saying goodbye to all the things in their life that will not be going with them into the next chapter.

Seniors have been — and are still — experiencing all of their “lasts.” Such as their last soccer game, their last high school dance, their last biology lab, their last show choir performance, their last band concert and so much more.

As bittersweet as it is, things don’t last forever.

People grow up and change and that is just the way of life. Most high school graduates think this is the end of their journey, but that is not the case at all. This is only the beginning.

It may be the end of an era, but bigger things soon will be coming along the way.

While some graduates will enter the workforce immediately, others will spend their next years at a college or university of their choice. As exciting as it all is, students all have different paths in life that are meant specifically for them.

This is the part where teenagers transition into becoming adults. They begin to pay for things they never even considered were important or relevant and begin to have a new perspective on life.

Waste becomes a word in adolescence’s vocabulary they try not to use because now all the hard-earned money they work for is used for necessities and there isn’t much wiggle room or spare change to go around.

Adolescents form a new respect for their parents and all the things they provided and handed to them as children: free school breakfast and or lunch, free education and so much more. Most teenagers take these simple offerings for granted.

High school is a lesson in itself. It is where teenagers learn basic educational needs for the real world, but it is also where they metamorphose into themselves and learn how to survive for the real world. Every little lesson they learned, whether they thought it was relevant or not, was all for a reason.

All the people they met, classes they took, relationships they had, games they lost, and events that happened, all took place for a reason. These events happened to prepare each and every one of them for their futures.

All in all, life moves on.

It’s bittersweet when the way someone has lived their life for so long has to change and everything they know is suddenly completely different, but that is what makes and helps people grow into these wonderful human beings that everyone aspires to be.

We seniors are all just trying to find our place in this world and pick out our corner of the sky.

Brianna Sanchez is a senior at Grand Island Senior High School.

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