Village Pie Maker

Judith Ogden steps out the front door of her "Village Pie Maker" bakery in Eustis, Nebraska in 2004.

The charming story of the Nebraska town that produced lovely pies has come to an end.

The Village PieMaker production facility will now be strictly in Omaha after the closure of its Eustis production facility. Eustis is a town of about 375 people southwest of Lexington, Nebraska.

Joe Ricketts, owner of the Village PieMaker and father of Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts, made the announcement in a written statement this week.

Joe Ricketts explained that he had built a new facility in Omaha but also hoped "to upgrade the Eustis plant to keep pace with customer demand."

Growth of the business has presented challenges involving food-safety standards and other things, "so I concluded it's best to streamline operations, consolidating production at our modern facility," he said.

The company has offered the Eustis workers positions at the Omaha plant, he said.

The Village PieMaker was started by Judith Ogden Larsen, who learned to make pies from her grandmother at age 10. The business rapidly grew out of the spare bedroom in her house, and was moved to the Eustis facility. "No canned stuff” is the company’s motto.

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