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History professor Bruce Olav Solheim, has a lifetime of mystical experiences he wants to share

History professor Bruce Olav Solheim, has a lifetime of mystical experiences he wants to share

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“Anzar the Progenitor”

“Anzar the Progenitor” explores author Bruce Olav Solheim’s relationship with a alien mystic being. “We can no longer wait for government disclosure about UFOs and aliens,” Solheim writes about his story. “The time has come for personal revelation through a leap of consciousness in a new Era of Reconversion. We are all related and we are the aliens.”

GLENDORA, Calif. — Bruce Olav Solheim understands why casual readers might be skeptical.

“’Anzar the Progenitor’ is a true story of my connection with an ancient alien mystic,” he said an interview from his home in California. “If you would have told me, 10 years ago, that I would be talking to an ancient alien mystic, I would probably have tried to avoid eye contact and politely but quickly walked away. But things have changed quite a bit in the last few years.”

Solheim spends the first half of his latest book explaining how the alien world, the spirit world and the quantum world connect.

“That’s really how all of this relates,” he said. “I’ve had a paranormal life since I was 4 or 5 years old. Weird things have happened to me for my entire life; not just alien stuff but ghost and telepathy and all of it.”

Solheim took a risk to share these details of his life. As a distinguished professor of history at Citrus College in Glendora, Calif., he understood the consequences of revealing the deeper events in his life.

Bruce Solheim

Bruce Solheim

“As a tenured professor, I was afraid I would lose my job,” he said. “That’s similar to a lot of other scientists, professionals and professors — they don’t want to talk about it for fear of losing their grant money or whatever.”

The death of Solheim’s friend in 2016 changed all that.

“My friend came to me in a vision and told me that it was time to tell my stories,” Solheim said. “I mustered up the courage to do it. I wrote three books that documented 89 different paranormal experiences I’ve had, including extraterrestrial types of stuff. This book is separate and different from that. It just focuses on Anzar, who I’ve been in continuous contact with since 2018, during my spirit walks that I do several times a week.”

Boots to Books published “Anzar the Progenitor” in May to great acclaim. In less that a month the book as been listed in the Top 30 books in Educator Biographies on Amazon, ahead of the Kindle version of “Tuesdays With Morey: An Old Man, a Young Man and Life’s Greatest Lessons” by Mitch Albom.

“Anzar the Progenitor” is available in print and in electronic form.

Solheim writes about his book, “We can no longer wait for government disclosure about UFOs and aliens. The time has come for personal revelation through a leap of consciousness in a new Era of Reconversion. We are all related and we are the aliens.”

The second half of the book highlights his communication with Anzar.

“Out of that came some pretty remarkable things, if I do say so myself; some prophecies, some predictions, some preparations,” Solheim said. “I wanted to share those things with people, knowing that there would be some eye-rolling and stuff. But because of where we are at, as a society, a lot of people are a little bit more open to thinking about these things. And to put it into Anzar’s words, he would say, ‘People are ready to take a leap of consciousness.’”

Solheim approaches skepticism of his story with understanding.

“I’m skeptical, too,” he said. “When I hear something that I haven’t heard before, skepticism is a natural human tendency. It’s what keeps us from being snookered by whatever charlatans are out there. That’s just something you learn as an adult. But when it continues to happen over and over, it’s what Anzar says, that ‘experiencing is believing and believing is experiencing.’”

His friend who died encouraged Solheim by telling him that he already believed in so many fantastic things, why couldn’t be believe in one more fantastic thing?

“I don’t get mad at skeptics, I sympathize with them,” Solheim said. “I’ve been there, too, but once you have enough experiences, you just can’t be skeptical anymore — at least not about the things you’ve experienced.”

Solheim teaches regular history classes and also teaches classes in paranormal history.

“I get skeptics in that class and I get fellow professors that come to the class with the idea of debunking my ideas,” he said. “By the time the class is over, I can’t exactly say they’re true believers but I can say at least that they are agnostics. And that’s kind of fun.”

The author has been a guest on the late-night talk show, “Coast to Coast AM,” several times in his career.

While many of the topics that interest Solheim stem from an area of scientific interest, he notes that he isn’t a scientist although he has researched quantum physics.

“I’m a social scientist and a historian,” he said. “Actually I’m a storyteller. And that’s what historians do; they tell stories. Now, they are true stories, but they are stories, nonetheless. Studying quantum physics really opened my eyes because I saw that the subatomic particle world operates very differently than the reality you and I are experiencing right now. There is no sense of time.”

From his deceased friend, Solheim learned that, “there is no future, no past, it’s just the eternal ‘now.’ It’s just everything happening at once. There are so many physicists who have also said that, who also think that there is a paranormal world. If you think about it, people who have seen ghosts say the ghosts materialize out of nowhere — and then they disappear again. They go through walls, they go through ceiling or whatever. And I’ve seen plenty of ghosts.”

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