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30x30 plan far from ‘America the Beautiful’

30x30 plan far from ‘America the Beautiful’

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I am offended by a recent 30x30 letter stating producers should “get on board” and “practice conservation and better crop management.” Freedom to own and manage our land is at risk. The current administration and proponents feel government control of our land and water would be better than producer control. Easy for you to say with “no skin in the game.” Educate yourselves on today’s precision agriculture with sub-inch accuracy to place seed, chemicals and fertilizer.

The new 22-page document is merely an advertisement to sell it! “America the Beautiful” is euphoric until the truth of economic impact on counties, states and everyone is felt — 30% less agricultural production will result in food shortages and higher prices. Taxes on everyone will rise to offset the tax revenue loss.

The government wants to control 409 million more acres in nine years. That’s 8.1 million acres per state. Some states aren’t even that big. The heartland of America will be pursued the hardest. Science doesn’t justify this enormous taking for climate change. Is our state’s largest industry, agriculture, to blame? Absolutely not!

Gov. Pete Ricketts, who strongly opposes this government overreach, recently pointed out:

U.S. News & World Report ranked Nebraska as the sixth-best state nationally for the quality of our natural environment. By contrast, Delaware, which President Joe Biden represented for 36 years, was sixth-worst overall. California, here Vice President Kamala Harris held statewide office for a decade, was fourth-worst in the country for air and water quality. Why would Nebraskans cede responsibility for our natural resources to leaders who have done a poor job of managing their own environment?

This 30x30 executive order to control 30% of our land and water is not what it’s being advertised as. This is control the land, control the food, control the people. “Get on board” with your producers to fight before it’s too late.

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