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Donald Trump has been attacked, berated for years

Donald Trump has been attacked, berated for years

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Let’s take a look at why Donald Trump supporters may be a little upset.

Hillary Clinton called Trump supporters deplorable and irredeemable. FBI agent Peter Strzok told FBI lawyer Lisa Page in a text that he could smell Trump supporters in Walmart. The FBI and CIA put surveillance on Trump’s team without advising him there might be a problem.

Millions were spent on a Russia collusion investigation that showed no evidence. The House of Representatives impeached Trump over a good phone call. An actress held what was supposedly the severed head of Trump. Madonna said she thought about blowing up the White House. An actor said, “When was the last time an actor assassinated a president and it may be time.” A “Julius Caesar” performance portrayed Trump being assassinated. Snoop Dogg simulated shooting Trump in the head.

Rep. Maxine Waters told Democrats, when they see Republicans in a gas station or restaurant, to get in their faces. Rep. Nancy Pelosi tore up Trump’s State of the Union speech behind his back on national TV. Joe Biden said Trump did everything wrong on COVID-19, but complained that he wouldn’t let him in on the plan. Pelosi and Sen. Chuck Schumer held up COVID-19 relief and then blamed Trump. Reporters called Trump a Nazi and Hitler. Michelle Obama called Trump infantile. Gerald Kosmicki, in the Independent, has called Trump supporters sycophants. I doubt he knows what it means. With just days left, Pelosi still wants to impeach Trump.

They say Trump incited his followers to storm the Capitol. He did tell them to march to the Capitol, but he never said to storm it. Very few of Trump’s supporters would have agreed to that. People in Congress who were going to object to the election results folded like wet noodles after the Capitol event. The possibility of election fraud disappeared.

Joe Biden calls Trump dangerous. The only people he is a danger to is the Democratic Party. Trump may not act or talk like the hypocritical Washington swamp, but everything he did as president was for you and me, the American people.

Above all, Congress is as worthless as a snowblower in Florida.

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