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Beware of government’s ‘free candy’

Beware of government’s ‘free candy’

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For the last 100 days, the operative word coming from the Biden/Harris administration seems to be “free.”

Let’s see, we have free health care, free preschool, free housing, free college, and lest we forget, free money. Now, I have tried my best to remember a time in my life when I actually received something for free. In most cases, it would seem that the free items that have been offered to me have been like a dog getting a treat. It has been the reward for the desired behavior. While I may not have noticed at the time, there was always a cost. Sometimes it proved to be monetary and sometimes it was an erosion of my dignity. In either case, it wasn’t free.

Imagine, if you will, a van rolls into a neighborhood and a man begins handing out free candy to the kids of that neighborhood. The candy is tasty and it’s free, but we all know that that scenario usually ends badly for those receiving the free candy. Concerned parents would recognize the threat and drive the man and his free candy out of the neighborhood. Responsible adults in this situation would know that the supposedly free candy had a cost and that it wasn’t free.

It would appear that we are now headed in a headlong race to get to that free candy. Without any fear or consideration of the consequences, we are willing to jump into the van with the stranger.

As is the case with some children, we have lost that healthy fear of the unknown and are willing to be led along a path that will have a disastrous outcome.

The idea that everything in life can be free is a lie. It is the free candy.

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