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Don’t put religion before public health

Don’t put religion before public health

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The Constitution in its preamble mentions promoting the general welfare.

Has Jesus ever asked a leper for a copay?

Imagine a world where “Pro-Life” included feeding hungry children.

The U.S. ranks 180th in infant mortality. According to the CIA’s World Factbook, the United States has 6.26 infant deaths for every 1,000 live births.

There’s a reason why abortion rates go down in Democratic administrations and back up with the Republicans; with a stronger safety net women feel like they actually do have a choice, and many will choose to carry the fetus to term. With GOP cuts in the social safety net, some women may feel like an abortion is better than condemning a child to a lifetime of poverty.

Religious rituals before public health. An astounding breach of intellect and lack of moral principle is coming from those that should be carrying the torch of common sense.

The plague of anti-intellectualism is about to destroy us.

The “freedom” of the “religious” to discriminate with impunity is the right’s version of the freedom of religion established by our secular constitution upon which “freedom of” is predicated upon “freedom from” — the only way genuine “freedom of” can exist.

The 126 congressmen who are advocating sedition, and the QAnon and conspiracy groups may as well be living in a pre- and early Renaissance world. When you don’t recognize a con man when you see him, congratulations, you’re the mark.

“If a ruler hearkens to lies, all his servants are wicked.” — Proverbs 29.

Ralph Foody says there are “angels with filthy souls.”

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