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Donald Trump unable to admit he has lost at anything

Donald Trump unable to admit he has lost at anything

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A couple of months ago the Independent published a letter of mine where I proposed that President Trump demonstrated all the traits of a person with the psychiatric disorder of narcissism. We have witnessed the result of a person who is incapable of admitting he lost at anything. To that end, despite all evidence and 60 court rulings to the contrary, he persisted on perpetrating the big lie that he won the election, buoyed by sycophants and conspiracy theorists. His supporters, like loyal members of a cult, acted out with total disregard to the law, which resulted in deaths. One of these was a law enforcement officer attempting to fulfill his duty.

What should be the accountability? Does the following definition apply?

“The third main type of second-degree murder occurs when a victim dies as a result of the perpetrator’s extreme indifference to the value of human life. Generally speaking, extreme indifference means an utter disregard of the possibility that an act will kill someone.”

I will leave that to the legal scholars.

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