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Environmental proposals extreme, unrealistic

Environmental proposals extreme, unrealistic

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Environmentalists claim cattle passing gas is contributing to climate change. This is absurd. Their solution, eliminate the beef industry. 17,000 of the world’s leading scientists say there is no climate change and never was. Climate change is nothing but an excuse for the Democrats and their far left liberal allies to impose major new federal environmental regulations in America that could cripple all sectors of the American economy.

According to the Paris Climate Accord, any foreign government or environmental group can sue any individual, business or state that they think isn’t complying with the PCCA. And there is no protection from these lawsuits in any U.S. court.

Some environmental extremists want to put a monitor on every thermostat in America and, if any home, apartment, business or office uses more gas or electricity than these extremists want them to, they can have their power shut off or be fined, or both. These extremists have pushed this idea for many years.

By 2035 President Biden wants to stop the manufacture and sales of all fossil-fueled vehicles. There’ll be no new SUVs or full-sized pickups. President Biden wants to place 500,000 electric recharging stations across America. What will power them? Wind turbines and solar panels? On a windless or cloudy day you won’t be able to recharge your all-electric car with Biden’s and the environmentalists’ clean wind and solar energy plan.

Electric cars can only go about 145 miles of highway driving or only 100 miles if you use the air conditioning, or only 85 miles of city driving. With a gasoline or diesel-powered vehicle you can pull into Casey’s or any convenience store, pull up to the pump, get your fuel and in four or five minutes you’re back on the road. With an all-electric car when the power runs low, you pull up to a recharging station, get out your credit card and sit for four or five hours while your batteries are recharged. And it will cost you money every time you recharge your batteries. The promoters of all-electric cars aren’t reporting this cost and how few miles you can go on a recharge. Tesla, which makes a premium all-electric car, is advising owners of its older cars to park outside because the batteries can burst into flames.

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