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Hate group designations are questionable

Hate group designations are questionable

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If you are of a “Christian Identity,” the Southern Poverty Law Center has identified you as a member of a “hate group” in the U.S. And you have been reported to the government by the Law Center as belonging to a hate group. The center has published and mailed out a Hate Map, showing the locations of “active hate groups” in the United States in 2021. Along with Christian Identity “haters” there are 355 “general hate” groups also not listed by distinct categories.

But not listed by the Southern Poverty Law Center are the people who attend and incite violence at rallies in the name of racism, such as Antifa, or the groups that took over and destroyed large sections of Minneapolis and Portland in 2020 in the name of Black Lives Matter. But if you are a God-fearing, law-abiding Christian in middle America, you have been identified as a “hater.”

Unfortunately, this is not a new tactic in the world. The Nazis accused the Jews of being haters and trying to ruin the New World Order. Don’t be fooled by the political agenda of these far-left liberals.

They are the haters!

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