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Have you been borrowing a sign?

Have you been borrowing a sign?

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It appears that some “law-abiding” Republican Trump supporters are very worried about losing the election to Biden in a few weeks. We have had problems in the past with Democratic yard signs and other campaign materials being stolen, but this year’s take has been astonishing here and throughout the state. Democratic signs in prominent places and yards have been taken most evenings, almost as soon as they are put up. Taking such signs is the same as stealing any other item from a person’s property or yard. It also violates the constitutional right of free speech.

Besides being worried about the results of the election in November, it also reflects the latitude in lawlessness and violence their candidate, Donald Trump, has been encouraging ever since he ran for office back in 2016. Things like telling his followers to beat up reporters or someone at his rally and he would pay the hospital costs, encouraging supremacist marchers with torches, and most recently suggesting that his followers bring themselves and/or their guns to polling places. His latest insinuation leaves open the possibility that he will not accept being voted out of office — once again counting on his followers to back him up. Taking yard signs might not be as serious as other things Trump is suggesting, but it is still stealing and violating people’s property rights.

As the Senate hearings continue about determining an appointment to the Supreme Court, what happened to the principle Sen. Mitch McConnell applied in denying a hearing on President Obama’s nominee seven months before the next election? Where did that principle go when Trump and McConnell push to confirm their nominee two months out? That’s not packing the court?

Getting another justice in place on the Supreme Court that would support his objection to losing the election, if that happens, or favor his appeal of several other litigations now working their way through court — that’s not packing the court?

If anyone has heard someone bragging about swiping Democratic signs or observed them or their license number in the act of doing so, please report it to the police. Letting that go on is an encouragement to lawlessness, even if it doesn’t involve a huge cost.

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