Have you ever wondered why (with all the panic about COVID-19), health care professionals are not promoting healthy lifestyles first for all people so folks do not have “underlying health issues” such as obesity, diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure, etc.?

For example: consuming healthy raw fruits and vegetables, exercise, proper hydration, going to the beach, high quality mineral/vitamin supplements, and being a good neighbor are just a few tips. I believe this health situation should be a “call to arms” promoting individual awareness on what each person can do, not a “hide under your bed mentality.” Also this situation just shows how compromised most people’s health really has become. Literally within less than 30 days of a “new you” lifestyle, you can have the confidence of being safe. Yes, good health comes from choice, not chance! (Neither House Speaker Nancy Pelosi nor President Trump is going to save you.)

Instead, the mantra of health boards, CDC, FDA, local/national media is all about “whom” to believe instead of being a responsible soul by taking responsibility for your own health. That would mean that a person would not have to swallow all those medications and fret about their family’s safety.

The reality to this situation is there is no money in health, just money in sickness.

I learned a long time ago (Vietnam era) that The Associated Press is not always forthcoming with the truth. What was printed in the American newspapers and armed forces Stars & Stripes was warped at best and sometimes outright lies on other occasions. Today the AP manages to sprinkle a truth here and there, but their efforts are to politically sway the reader versus accurately inform the public.

The bottom line is if you want to be sick, go ahead. As for me, I enjoy the freedom of a healthy mind and body.

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