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Limbaugh promoted cultural intolerance, not worthy of praise

Limbaugh promoted cultural intolerance, not worthy of praise

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In response to the right wing commentators in Grand Island Independent about Rush Limbaugh, Cal Thomas on Feb. 19 and Marc Thiessen on Feb. 21:

Rush Limbaugh coarsened American norms and increased our cultural intolerance of perceived differences.

What kind of person loved or even admired a man who called a 12-year-old girl (Chelsea Clinton) a dog or made fun of Michael J. Fox’s Parkinson’s? He slammed the Gulf War veterans opposed to the Iraq war as “phony soldiers,” a parallelism to Donald Trump calling fallen soldiers “suckers” and “losers” and not recognizing Sen. John McCain as a war hero.

Limbaugh never had a vision of his own, but he perfected discrediting norms. Projection is the favorite tool of the psychopath. He constantly denigrated women as unintelligent people, one of his many projections of his own personality characteristics on women.

He advanced the cause of anti-intellectualism and worked tirelessly to undermine the role of scientific or economic expertise in policy making. He played a big part in expanding fascism across this land.

Trump, horrible as he is, likely suffers from multiple psychological disorders. Limbaugh was just as hateful, soulless. Without him, there may not have been the disastrous President Trump.

He’s one of those rare people the whole world is unequivocally better off without, as Limbaugh often referred to those (mostly liberals) who had just passed as having now “assumed room temperature.”

Trump, a draft dodger, awarding another draft dodger the Medal of Freedom is a forever stain on the award.

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