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Negative ads doing a disservice to free elections

Negative ads doing a disservice to free elections

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Who is Brian Whitecalf? Recently postcards were sent to voters in Grand Island that described Brian as a Marxist, a radical and a socialist. They also said he is “too extreme” for the Hall County board. First of all, these words do not describe Brian Whitecalf, and secondly, I was taught to believe that elected officials were supposed to represent the whole community and that if an individual wanted to run for an elected position the voters had the right to choose and to vote for that person. I didn’t know that any individual/position/board had the right to choose who fits into their mold of an elected official.

Brian is a young man who is committed to people in our community. It doesn’t matter what part of the community you are from, what your race/ethnicity or identity is, what your income is or your age. He doesn’t choose people of only certain faiths and beliefs and isn’t afraid to do special projects. Brian really supports and identifies with people in our communities. He spends time and is committed to finding ways to help meet basic human needs of people by distributing food every Saturday afternoon for months, helping to locate and provide tiny food libraries, reading and volunteering at the library and in schools. Brian can be seen all over town working on projects and supporting small and new businesses.

I am extremely disappointed in the individuals, including Gary Quandt, and others that supported and approved the negative postcards that were mailed out. I have not seen any negative campaign ads from Brian or his supporters. Actually, I am still waiting for a return phone call from Gary after speaking to him after the last floods that affected Grand Island more than a year ago. When I spoke with him he assured me he would return my call and I am still waiting.

I am also disappointed in mailings sponsored by the Nebraska Republican Party that spoke negatively about Sen. Dan Quick. Sen. Quick has served his constituents well, including people from all sections of the community. He was elected to serve all and he has done that well, including the Latino, refugee and immigrant communities, which is what elected officials are elected to do. They do not have the right to pick and choose who they want to represent. Interestingly enough, former Sen. Ray Aguilar (who is challenging Quick and approved the above ads) has paid ads on the Spanish speaking radio station asking for votes from the Spanish speaking New Americans community.

Please use your voice by using your vote on Nov. 3. Your vote is your voice and your power!

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