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Parents know what is best for their children

Parents know what is best for their children

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Bert Peterson’s letter to the editor in Wednesday’s edition stated that parents do not have the right to send their children to school without wearing a mask, He somehow implied that we as parents care less about our children’s welfare than the school does.

I know for a fact having lost a son 20 years ago, that no government official or school board member cares more about the welfare of my kids than I do. As an adult I can use the brain that God gave me to make a decision for my children’s welfare that will be better for my family than any government official ever could.

If a parent chose to send his/her child to school without a mask, then that is perfectly OK. That is their right. A different parent may choose to keep their child at home because they are worried about their kids contracting COVID, well that is also OK, as that is their right.

My point is that as an adult, I am fully capable of deciding what is best in my situation better than anyone else could. If you or others fear that you may contract COVID, then wear a mask, get vaccinated or simply stay home. That is your right.

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