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Partisanship isn’t in Nebraskans’ best interest

Partisanship isn’t in Nebraskans’ best interest

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Fellow Nebraskans, I’m writing this letter to see if you folks are getting tired of the lack of democracy in Nebraska. I’d like to start with the medical community and teachers union applying pressure on the governor over a mask mandate. It’s amazing these two groups are choosing to align with “the non-existent Democratic Party in Nebraska,” to try and restrict our rights and freedoms even more. But yet these groups have nothing to say about the parks being closed and the vape and liquor stores being open, Nebraska being the only state to not apply for the emergency COVID food assistance, Nebraska being the only state to not join the lawsuit against big pharma over the pain killer/opioid epidemic, the only state to stomp out the voters’ right to vote on medical cannabis, stomped out the minimum wage increase for our tip workers and stomped out Medicaid expansion. I mean I could do this all day.

It’s sad there is no democracy in Nebraska. It’s one way or the highway. Every democratic bill in our state gets filibustered, good or bad. Perfect example, Dan Quick introduced a bill 1 1/2 years ago to address the youth vaping pandemic in Nebraska. The bill would have changed the minimum age from 18 to 21. The bill would have put Nebraska in line with federal law, something the Republican regime stresses all the time when it’s convenient for them.

It would be nice if the Republican regime would show a little love and compassion to its people. The Huskers could use the good karma.

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