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Trump weaponizes words to increase support

Trump weaponizes words to increase support

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How many times have you heard the President, his administration and congressional followers say words like “witch hunt,” “hoax,” “rigged,” “fake news,” “the radical left” and, in his opinion, what the radical left does or will do if he isn’t re-elected?

Words and comments such as these are repeated numerous times and intended to make people think a certain way or to frighten or anger people to increase support, in this instance, for his re-election.

It’s called propaganda: disseminating facts, arguments, rumors, half-truths or lies to influence public opinion. There are more than 500 documented cases of the President using disparaging language to describe businesses, organizations, groups and people that are not “loyal” to him. Adjectives he uses repeatedly are “losers,” “low IQ,” “lowlifes,” “do nothing,” “liars,” “crooked” and more. “Fat,” “ugly,” “bimbo,” “horse face” and “stupid” are just a few of his characterizations of women.

The lists go on and on.

Recently, my husband witnessed something that I feel is a result of influence from the President’s insidious behavior. A citizen, driving past a yard with a Biden sign in it, rolled their vehicle window down and yelled, “Nobody from Nebraska votes for Biden, you f——ing morons!”

Is this what America is coming to? Is this what we want to be? If someone doesn’t agree or believe the same as you, they’re a moron? This great country we live in was conceived of a diverse population with different life experiences and beliefs. The president would have you believe that only those who follow and “like” him or agree with him are worthy. Other than Native Americans, we are all descendants of our ancestors from other countries and we all, including Native Americans, have worth.

As Americans, I believe we are better than this.

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