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We are all a bit responsible for Texas school shooting

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Hello, my name is Hector. I’ve never done this before but since Tuesday, May 24, I cannot shake this thought that I’ve been having. It’s about the Texas school shooting.

My heart is broken for those kids, because I also have kids of my own and can only imagine the pain my brothers and sisters are feeling. I use the term brothers and sisters even though there’s no relation other then the fact that we are all human.

Why would someone do anything to harm a child I do not know. If the reader of this can do me a favor and listen to my perspective. So the shooter, the one to make his choice to do what he did, ultimately he is responsible, right.

The next ones who are responsible are the parents because from what I understand they are not really there for the gunman. I’m feeling like that’s where the gunman’s motive really lies.

Then there is society that I also feel is somewhat responsible, because I believe this world is lonely in the way and how we treat each other and it is also to blame.

I want to make this clear that everything I have said does not make the suspects actions right at all by any means. The message I’m trying to get out there is that as a human being I cannot help but feel a little responsible. Every day I see the way people treat each other and how I am treated as well. In the world that we live in, we should treat and help each other a lot more. If you would like to reach back to me on this subject feel free.

Thanks for reading.


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