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Picking out a paint color you’ll want to live with for years is perhaps one of the hardest design decisions to make. When we analyze a tiny paint chip, it’s hard for us to imagine how the color will look once brushed across an entire wall. And forget about envisioning how the hue might change in varying types of light.

Maybe it seems crazy to clean a washing machine, but the dirt that disappears from your clothes, towels and sheets has to go somewhere, which means grime can build up inside your washing machine over time. Without regular cleaning, the appliance might also harbor leftover detergent, hard-water deposits and mold or mildew around the door or lid. This can leave a residue on laundry or cause items to emerge from the wash with a funky smell.

TikTok creator @jennifer.cline turned a beat-up MCM dresser into a card catalogue inspired one with wood filler, some creative cut lines, new legs, and cool hardware.

If you’ve ever saved up to buy a nice couch or armchair — or have one you inherited and absolutely love — you know how much it hurts the first time a glass of wine tips all over your favorite couch. First, don’t panic! A stain doesn’t mean the end for your couch. Just learn how to combat tough stains, and while you’re at it, get in the habit of regularly cleaning your furniture to keep it looking its best.

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Gill's aesthetic is minimalist, but striking. "Engage all the senses," she advises. "Project festive images on your front door – think snowy winter wonderland, or a slideshow of your favorite holiday memories."

Choosing the perfect paint color isn’t’ just about picking something that looks great on your walls—it’s also about coordinating with the furniture or flooring you already have. TikTok creator @the_avantgarde recommends using free fabric or flooring samples from the items you own to compare close shades of paint.

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Considering the plethora of “Tune Squad” merch that came out alongside the premiere for “Space Jam: A New Legacy” in July, it won’t be hard to find a fit that rivals that of LeBron James in the live-action film.

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This sippy cup uses an innovative design that lets toddlers drink from all sides of the cup instead of a straw or a spout, helping to ease the transition from bottle to a drinking cup. With easy-to-grip curved handles and an easy-to-clean, spillproof design, it’s a great option for your diaper bag.

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If you want to make diaper duty a little easier, this waterproof portable changing pad can be unfolded with one hand and has pockets to store diaper essentials. It’s cushioned with a memory foam pillow to give your baby extra comfort during a change. You can find it in multiple patterns and colors.

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These classic muslin blankets are soft and versatile. Their generous size and breathable fabric make for easy swaddling, but you can also use them as a blanket, a burp cloth, a pram cover or a nursing cover. They are built to last and maintain quality, no matter how many times they go through a wash.

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These biodegradable poop bags are perfect for those inopportune moments when your baby has an extra-dirty diaper. They are high-quality, sturdy and easy to open. These bags conceal smells, in case you have to store dirty diapers or soiled clothes until you get a chance to dispose of them.

Your home may be plagued by a wet basement or crawlspace where water enters at will whenever it rains. In addition, your yard may be the neighborhood bog, rendering it useless in the wet season. Would you be interested in knowing how to make your basement, crawlspace or yard as dry at the Atacama Desert? I thought so.

If you use your deck or patio as often as we do, you’ ll find the patio door gets a workout. And the screen slider takes a beating with that continued use especially during warm weather months. If you have kids, you’ re likely to have a stray ball, Frisbee or another flying object damage the screening.

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