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As someone who chronically loses their keys in between couch cushions, I'm glad to have a button that can tell me my item is exactly three feet northwest from my current location. Apple's AirTags ($29 each) can be fastened to keys, cars, bookbags, remotes and other things you might want to track down. Its precision finding feature has saved me so much time and many headaches. — Jennifer Korn, writer

This chic minimalist Christmas décor from @homewithkelsey incorporates trendy boho items like dried eucalyptus. She also sticks to a neutral color scheme (no bright red and green here) to keep things feeling more streamlined.

If you have a small space, keeping your litter box hidden away is a must. This hidden litter box @lisapatat1994 made uses three Ikea items to create a cute piece of furniture.

If your freezer is full but you still need to add more items like ground beef, use @southernwifeeverydaylife’s hack to store more in a stuffed freezer.

If you need a mantra to keep your space clutter free, use this one from @shedoesitonabudget. Not putting things down and instead putting them away is made easier by having a convenient storage space for every item in your home.

TikTok user @diariesofmyhome has a small entryway space, but she makes the most of it by adding large decorative hooks for coats, a wood and rattan shoe rack, and a few decorative items that make her home immediately inviting.

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If you’ve ever worked in a restaurant or peeked in the back, then you’ve probably noticed that no space goes to waste. Shelving spans above and below countertops, and walk-ins are lined with tiered units. If you have a pantry, then take note of this design: Place the items you use most at eye level, the heaviest items beneath and the specialty items above. If you don’t have a pantry, add open shelving to a blank wall — for everyday items like plates and cups — or place a cart beside a small countertop. And while you’re at it, add extra shelving inside your cabinets to maximize the number of pieces you can fit inside.

Reusing everyday items can be a great way to decorate your home for Halloween without splurging on decorations you’ll only use once a year. These DIY potion bottles from TikTok creator @brookedarwin will give you something to do with your used glass bottles before you toss them in the recycling bin.

TikTok creator @niki_patton has seen a few dorm rooms since she’s entering her senior year of college. Her must haves include a cheap rug that you can leave behind when you move out, closet hangers, and extra storage bins.

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Living and working spaces have the ability to affect our mental health and productivity levels. Take a few minutes and return items to their proper place each day after every use. If possible, leave the more time-consuming chores for school-free days.

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Organizing closets is a great opportunity to take stock of how much stuff you own versus what you really use. Pull all the items out of your bedroom closet, and sort them into like categories. Then, get out similar items stashed under beds or in a spare-bedroom closet. Once you have items in a single place, it’s hard to ignore excess and duplication.

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The kitchen can be one of the easiest places to organize. Start by going through the food in your pantry. Box up unwanted items that haven’t been opened and aren’t expired, and take them to your local food shelf. Next, go through your tableware, pots and pans and decorative kitchen accessories. Donate anything you aren’t using regularly or don’t love. Giving makes the letting go a lot easier.

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If you’re looking for a cheap way to recreate a sunburst mirror, this Dollar Tree hacks video from DIY creator @jaymuneediy takes you through the simple tutorial using just five items.

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The next best thing to a video message from your favorite celebrity? How about treating yourself to a previously owned celebrity item on eBay — even those who have passed on? Currently, you can purchase a bra allegedly worn by Scarlett Johansson, a French English Dictionary owned and signed by Hedy Lamarr or a gold check from Evel Knievel’s personal bank account. Just make sure to do your due diligence to authenticate items prior to purchase.

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The best thing about scavenger hunts is that they can be held anywhere. Whether it’s in your backyard or local park, scavenger hunts offer kids the opportunity to find a list of items while interacting with nature along the way. This book offers different ideas for hunts and includes a leveled difficulty rating so families can choose the scavenger hunt that best fits the age group of the children. Each hunt also comes with facts about the items on the list.

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If your home could use some decluttering, now’s a good time to involve your kids in the process. Focus on one room, or one area of a room, at a time. Designate separate bags or boxes for items you can give away, recycle or throw away. Depending on how old your kids are, you can set limits for the number of toys, clothes or other items they can keep. When you’re finished, check whether any local charitable organizations are accepting donations. If there’s nowhere to take them now, stow them in the garage or storage room until operations resume in your area.

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