D1/D2, C1/C2 Top 10 Summer Basketball Camp to be Hosted by GICC

Thursday and Friday will feature 2020 summertime basketball at its best and will be showcased at Grand Island Central Catholic today and tomorrow.

Former Riverside head coach Joey Imus originally hosted the summertime classic in Cedar Rapids, but when Imus took the reins as head coach at Class B McCook, GICC’s

Tino Martinez jumped at the chance to host the star-laden two day camp.

The two day “tournament”, which will be played behind closed doors this year due to Covid-19 restrictions, will feature ten of the top returning Class D-1 and D-2 basketball teams in the state on Thursday.

The Top 10 camp will continue on Friday with the Class C-1/C-2 “tournament”, also showcasing ten of the finest 2020/2021 Class C basketball teams in Nebraska.

Despite the fact only teams, their coaches and officials being admitted into the building for the camp this year, past Top 10 camps have given the state of Nebraska a nice glimpse into what may lie ahead in the upcoming hoops seasons in Classes C-1, C-2, D-1 and D-2.

Thursdays Class D-1/D-2 Camp Schedule: (All games at GICC)

POOL A (with the team’s 2019/2020 record)

Loomis (23-3, lost to Falls City SH 1st Round, D-2 State Tournament)

Ansley-Litchfield (16-8, lost to Burwell in double OT in D-1 District Final)

O’Neill St. Marys (19-6, lost to Mullen 51-49 qst Round D-2 State Tournament)

Humphrey St. Francis 27-1, lost to Falls City SH in D-2 State Final)

Laurel-Concord-Coleridge (26-5, Defending D-1 State Champion)

POOL B (with the team’s 2019/2020 record)

North Platte St. Pats (23-4, Lost the D-1 Third Place Game to Humphrey/LHF)

Wallace (16-9, lost to Parkview Christian in D-2 District Final)

McCool Junction 18-6, lost to Osmond in D-1 District Final)

Humphrey/Lindsay Holy Family (26-1, lost to Southern Valley in D-1 State Semifinals)

Mullen (22-7, lost to Humphrey St. Francis in D-2 State Semifinals)

Pool A Schedule: (Each team plays three games)

9:00-Loomis vs. Wallace

9:40-St. Marys vs. Humphrey St. Francis

10:20-Loomis vs. Laurel-Concord Coleridge

11:00-Ansley-Litchfield vs. St. Marys

11:40-Humphrey St. Francis vs. Laurel-Concord Coleridge

12:20-Loomis vs. St. Marys

1:00-Ansley-Litchfield vs. Humphrey St. Francis

1:40-St. Marys vs. Laurel-Concord Coleridge

2:20-Loomis vs. Humphrey St. Francis

3:00-Ansley-Litchfield vs. Laurel-Concord Coleridge

3:45- Winner Pool A vs. Winner Pool B

Pool B Schedule: (Each team plays three games)

9:00-North Platte St. Pats vs. Ansley-Litchfield

9:40-McCool Junction vs. Humphrey/LHF

10:20-North Platte St. Pats vs. Mullen

11:00-Wallace vs. McCool Junction

11:40-Humphrey/LHF vs. Mullen

12:20-North Platte St. Pats vs. McCool Junction

1:00-Wallace vs. Humphrey/LHF

1:40-McCool Junction vs. Mullen

2:20-North Platte St. Pats vs. Humphrey/LHF

3:00-Wallace vs. Mullen

3:45- Winner Pool A vs. Winner Pool B

Thursday’s Featured D-1/D-2 players:

Jack Heiss-North Platte St. Pats junior (457 regular season points w/79 steals)

Corby Dondon-North Platte St. Pats senior (212 points/66 assists)

Evan Haisch-L-C-C-(319 points)

Cael Hartung-L-C-C-(222 points, 5.4 rebounds per game, 28 steals)

Jason Sjuts-Humphrey/LHF Jr.-424 points, 4.2 rebounds per game, 82 assists, 105 steals)

Jacob Sjuts-Jr. 274 points, 5.7 rebounds per game, 89 assists, 69 steals, 16 blocks)

Tanner Pfeifer-Humphrey St. Francis-(Jr, 376 points, 4.5 rebounds/game, 74 steals)

Justin Leifeld-Humphrey St. Francis-(278 points, 4.2 rebounds/game, 43 steals)

Haustyn Forney-Humphrey St. Francis-(134 points, 51 assists, 35 steals)

Brandon Walker-Mullen-(373 points, 4.5 rebounds/game, 71 assists, 86 steals)

Clayton Moore-Mullen-(Soph., 309 points, 5.6 rebounds/game, 75 assists, 85 steals)

Trevor Kuncl-Mullen-(291 points, 70 steals)

Jaden Emerson-Mullen-( Jr., 226 points, 4.5 rebounds/game, 32 assists, 29 steals)

Aiden Hedstrom-St. Marys-(Jr., 453 points, 5.7 rebounds/game, 46 assists, 60 steals)

Adam Everitt-St. Marys-(Jr., 250 points, 6.6 rebounds/game, 31 assists, 30 steals)

Connor Semin-St. Marys-(Jr., 173 points, 5.0 rebounds/game, 33 assists, 26 steals)

Blake Benson-St. Marys-(Jr., 168 points, 42 steals)

Tate Thompson-St. Marys-(Jr., 156 points, 5.2 rebounds/game, 92 assists, 71 steals)

Owen McDonald-McCool Junction-(311 points, 82 assists, 67 steals, 12 blocks)

Tyler Neville-McCool Junction-(301 points, 58 assists, 47 steals)

Jeff Cunningham-Ansley-:Litchfield-(233 points, 35 assists)

Kolton Hager-Wallace-(Jr., 405 points, 5.2 rebounds/game, 63 assists, 30 steals)

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