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Last Updated: September 5, 2018




About BH Digital Marketing Services | Internet Market Solutions | Grand Island, NE

Operating since: 2012

BH Digital Marketing Services in Grand Island, NE is your solution for all internet marketing solutions 

We are Grand Island, NE digital experts for all types digital marketing including PPC (Google AdWords), Remarketing, SEO, and our exclusive product findNEthing business directory. Grand Island Independent is "Grand Island's Google Premier Adwords Certified Partner!"

Grand Island Nebraska Digital Marketing Experts

Google trusts BH Digital Services and The Grand Island Independent with its products because we have a history of working with Google Ad Words and are certified and meet Google's high standards! "Google Premier Certified Partners Serving Grand Island"

BH Digital Services is Grand Island, Nebraska's "Full Service Digital Marketing Agency" and partner for all your digital marketing businesses needs in Grand Island, NE.

BH Digital Marketing Services is the Digital Marketing Agency for Warren Buffet's Berkshire Hathaway Media Group (BH Media) We consult and create Internet Marketing Solutions for SMB's - Enterprise businesses, which include having the right message, in the right place, when customers are ready to make a purchase. This means we can bring your targeted audience to your website. Our goal is to generate most qualified leads (Ready -to- Buy) with the best possible return on investment (ROI). We just don’t stop at just getting clicks to your website, we prefer to measure the success based on conversions. Conversions can be orders, or leads from forms or phone calls. Website design and A/B Testing play a large part in optimizing the cost per conversion. You’ll be amazed at how well we can target your audience. Using our Geo Technology, We can target people for a particular behavior. For example, If your a Grand Island Real Estate Company, we can target people that are looking to rent or buy a house in Grand Island, Maybe just looking to move? based on the websites they have been looking at over the last 5-7 days we can target those HOT prospects. In addition, we can place ads for people that are in a ZIP code where homes may need a new roof, or they are looking for home security. As a Full Service Digital Agency, BH Digital Services of Grand Island is here to help! BH Digital Marketing Services include: 

 BH Digital Marketing services all areas around Grand Island,NE including: St Libory ,Cairo, Wood River, Alda, Fonner Park, Doniphan, Aurora, Hastings, Giltner, Prosser, Central City

Berkshire Hathaway Media Group is the parent company to BH Digital Marketing Services Grand Island. BH Digital Marketing Services of Grand Island is a premier digital marketing agency and Google Premier Partner, Bing Ads Accredited with end-to end digital agency solutions. Our Dedicated Marketing Team offers honest best-in-class tailored marketing solutions. BH Digital Marketing Solutions include: Traditional Media services | Mobile, Social, Programmatic, Online Display Marketing | Websites, Landing Pages, Proxy sites | Search Engine Marketing, Paid Search, PPC, SEO Online Directory Listings. In addition BH Digital also offers a wide range of custom SMB marketing solutions and digital advertising campaigns which include: Social and Brand Management | Advertising, Google Analytics and Attribution Modeling | Impressions, Clicks, ROI, Marketing Conversion Analysis | Geo-Fencing, Search Retargeting, Keyword Contextual Targeting, Category Contextual Targeting | Reputation and Review Monitoring |Social Media Posting | e-Marketing, Email Marketing Campaigns. BH digital Marketing offers Digital Service throughout Nebraska including Omaha, York, NE Grand Island, Kearney, Lexington, NE North Platte. BH Digital also has offices in the states of, IowaNorth CarolinaNew JerseyVirginiaAlabama, Oklahoma, Florida, and Texas. 


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Pay-Per-Click advertising, or Google Adwords, in Grand Island, NE is the best way to get immediate and targeted traffic to your website. PPC (Google Adwords | Bing Ads) puts you in front of those people searching for your products on search pages in order to generate leads or sales for your business. Pay-Per-Click done by us is set up correctly, managed and optimized well, and tracked effectively. Pay Per Click/PPC can be a big generator of revenue for just about any Grand Island business.

We always hear from our clients that they have tried it and “it just didn’t work.” The search engines are in the business of making money, so their goals are not always your goals. Our certified specialists know how to make your pay per click/PPC advertising cost effective. That means constantly tweaking, adjusting and split testing different elements of your campaigns with one goal in mind: a pay per click/PPC campaign that generates the most leads for your business at the lowest possible cost. 

Adding Re-Targeting to your Adwords (PPC) campaign will also help bring back those potential customers to your website. Depending on where the customer is in the sales funnel, your potential customer may not call you right away. By targeting them with ads on websites they visit after yours, helps to remind them of your excellent services, and prompts them to call you when they are ready.

Our digital specialists are certified by Google and Bing in AdWords and PPC Marketing.

Grand Island if you're a local, national ad agency or a (SMB) Small to Medium Size Business, the BH Digital Services Google AdWords Help Center can provide you with the information you need to succeed with your online AdWords advertising.

Why use BH Digital Services of Grand Island? They Can Give AdWords Help.

BH Digital Service's goal is to help make AdWords understandable and useful to all businesses in the Grand Island Metro Area. We've try to use the right balance, giving you the information you need to effectively understand how Google AdWords campaigns work, generate new business leads and close sales for SMB'S in Grand Island, OK

How BH Digital Google AdWords Help Can Work For Your Small Business.

BH Digital Services is a Google Adwords Certified Google Partner. We Help Small Business understand the technical side of Google Adwords. BH Digital Services can also provide advertisers with a conceptual, non-technical understanding of how Google AdWords works.

We personalize the Google Adwords experience and content toward your business, we make it easy for you to work with our local Grand Island team of certified Google specialists to get you the answers you need, fix problems with your account, and make the most out of your advertising efforts with great ROI.

We work hard to provide understandable PPC information for the average Grand Island Business owner using Google Adword products.

BH Digital Services Is A Google Trusted Premier Partner in Grand Island, NE and all of Central Nebraska Including: BH Digital Marketing services all areas around Grand Island, NE including: St Libory, Cairo, Wood River, Alda, Doniphan, Aurora, Hastings, Giltner, Central City

We have taken the time to work with Google to become fully certified in Adwords, Search, Video, Display, Shopping, and Analytics. You can trust BH Digital Services with all of your Digital Marketing needs in Grand Island.

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WordPress Support | WordPress Hosting | WordPress Trouble Shooting | Grand Island, NE

Are your having WordPress issues ? Website designer Abandonment? Need DIY Wordpress help?

BH Digital Marketing Services offers a wide range of WordPress support services to help get your website working, or rebuilt. BH Digital Marketing Services and the Grand Island Independent have website experts on staff to analyze what’s wrong with your website and help you come up with a plan. When WordPress websites are not kept up to date, they are vulnerable and not secure, With the release of Chrome v62 in less than 3 months, Google will begin marking non-HTTPS pages with text input fields—like contact forms and search bars—and all HTTP websites viewed in Incognito mode as “NOT SECURE” in the address bar. The company has started sending out warning emails to web owners in August. Google began marking sites in Chrome v56, which was issued in January of this year. They targeted HTTP sites that collect user passwords and credit card details.

It is Important for website owners to secure the information being shared among their visitors and their web server, they must start incorporating an SSL certificate. If you have questions about your websites security call BH Digital Services, 308-381-9426 today we can help get you on the right track.

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The Grand Island Independent powered by BH Media

The Local Grand Island Independent digital marketing experts understand the importance of blending a solid digital marketing campaign with print and other media.

The Grand Island Independent offers a full array of digital marketing services, including: PPC , Google AdWords Bing Ads, Local Display, Targeted Display, SEO, SEM, Email Marketing, Video Marketing, Website design, Website Analytics, Mobile Website Design and our exclusive findNEthing on line business directory.

The Grand Island Independent is a trusted Google Premier Partner that has met Google’s high standards and is both AdWords and Analytics certified.

The Grand Island Independent is powered by BH Digital Services, the digital marketing services division of BH Media Group, a Google Premier Partner. This places BH Digital Services and The Grand Island Independent among Google’s top agency partners providing excellent service and technical skills for clients as well as performance and growth for small- and medium-sized business AdWords campaigns. “We are energized about our ever expanding relationship with Google by becoming one of their Premier SMB Partners,” said Bob Musilek, BH Media Group’s Director of Digital Agency. “The Premier Partners achievement emphasizes our long-term commitment to helping small- and medium-sized businesses better understand digital marketing. The Google Premier SMB Partner Program provides BH Digital Services with added insights, detailed training and support; all dedicated to helping us better serve our valued clients and communities across the markets we serve." This partnership will grant BH Digital Services new tools and resources to create, manage and optimize campaigns using AdWords. This includes enhanced training and development opportunities to grow the business and revenue opportunities for the digital segment of BH Media Group, Inc. “This achievement has truly been a team effort by all involved and we are excited to see what our future in the digital advertising space holds,” Musilek said With the support and resources of our parent company Berkshire Hathaway Media and its subsidiary BH Digital Services, we are equipped to serve as Central Nebraska’s full service digital marketing agency.

Please contact The Grand Island Independent 308-381-9448 to learn more about how your business can grow with -digital marketing.

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